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Is It the Right Time to Replace Your Exterior Doors?

Is It the Right Time to Replace Your Exterior Doors?

Published by Programme B

5 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Exterior Doors

When was the last time you can remember you took a keen look at your exterior doors? Probably the time you were buying or building your house. These doors are easy to neglect, especially when functioning fine and no threat of force entry inside your property. 

However, it is important to look at them before any threats. Here at NorthTech Windows and Doors, we believe a good home is one with robust and beautiful exterior doors and that is why we compiled this piece why you should consider replacing your entry doors. Take a peek.

  • Curb Appeal

Sometimes, putting a layer of fresh paint on old entry doors does not enhance their appearance. When this occurs, replacing it with a new one becomes the best move if you want to achieve an attractive curb appeal for your entry. 

You can either change the door alone or choose to include the accessories and other parts such as the sidelights, house number, and mailbox to have a completely new look.

Consider having a beautiful color selection and a new design for change. They can create a striking visual impression and change the mood at your home.

  • Security

Robbers consider the door type before forcing themselves into your house. If you have poor quality materials or old and weak ones used in making your entry door, it can become a potential target. Entry doors form the first defense for your home and are very important in enhancing the security of your home.

Protect your property by replacing your exterior doors if you notice a deterioration of the material used in making it. It can save you the headache of purchasing new stuff when you had not planned for such expenses.

Steel and fiberglass materials are particularly efficient in matters of security. They are sturdy and give intruders a hard time to get through, which makes them pass properties with such security reinforcements.

  • Technology

Your entry door may be in perfect condition, but you have an urgency to use the new technology. This technology is often found in the locking system, and some cannot be compatible with some old door designs. 

Installing a new door becomes more efficient and less time-consuming. Some of the technologies used include using automated locking systems that can be controlled remotely with phones. 

  • Energy-Efficiency

Exterior doors are some of the house parts that contribute significantly to power consumption in a home. If they are not energy-efficient, they can cause unwanted heat gain and loss. Old doors can allow draft and warm air from outside to get through, resulting in overworking your HVAC system.

Instead of spending so much on your power bill, consider replacing your door. Before taking any action, consider the type of material you intend to use is energy efficient. It is not logical to replace an existing frame that is not energy efficient with the same type.

If your door contains glass parts, make sure they are energy-efficient to maximize the efficiency.

It should also fit the existing space properly to leave no room for warm or cold air getting to the house when least wanted.

  • Accessibility 

If your entry door is not accommodative to different types of people, it is time to think about having a replacement. Check whether wheelchairs, strollers, and walkers can be used to access your house through the entry door.

If you find that your door does not have this provision, consider replacing it. If it is too narrow, you can consider adding some space to its width. This may lead to interfering with the existing space and adjusting it to fit the new measurements.

The door market makes it possible to have different door options to match any design you desire. It means you can do the replacement to enable accessibility while adding value to your home.

If it has been years since you considered your entry door, it is time you check if any of these factors affect you. If yes, start planning about how you will replace to achieve efficiency. You can choose to go with simple exterior doors designs or invest in those with more details and sophisticated designs.