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11 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Super Bowl

11 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is indeed the most prestigious event in America. The 2021 Super Bowl is not an exception. Football fans are super-excited regarding the event, the teams, who will win, who will perform, and which ads will be the talk of the town the next day. To elevate the excitement to the next level, Betway has prepared their own team of the best performers of all time. 

This high-end team consists of all the players who made headlines in their respective times. Tom Brady, who is best known for his winning six Lombardi trophies in nine Super Bowl appearances, seems to have the quarterback position. Franco Harris as the running back who won all four Super Bowls from 1985 to 1990. There are the names of Jerry rice and Lynn Swann as wide receiver. Lynn Swann was the star receiver until Jerry Rice hit the spot. on the defensive end they have L.C Greenwood and Charles Haley with 5 sacks and 4 sacks respectively. Greenwood is famous for his ‘Steel Curtain’ defense for Pittsburgh and Haley is known for winning 5 Super Bowls, as much as Tom Brady. 


Infographics created by Betway

Apart from that, there are surprising facts about the Super Bowl which can be a buzz as well. 

Here are 11 amazing facts you never knew about the Super Bowl. 

  1. Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest feast of the year

According to the U.S department of agriculture, Super Bowl Sunday is the “second-largest food consumption day” in America after Thanksgiving Day. 

  1. Super Bowl Ads are incredibly expensive due to the extremely high viewership

In 2017, Super Bowl advertisements cost about $5million for 30-seconds spot. At the inception of the Super Bowl, advertisements cost around $40000, which climbed higher with the popularity of the event each year since then. 

  1. Most of the quarterbacks in Super Bowl history come from the same 11 school

Amazingly, many Super Bowl quarterbacks share the same alma mater. Universities of Notre Dame, Michigan, and Stanford share the most Super Bowl alumni—each with seven. Purdue comes in the second position with six. And the rests are –Louisiana Tech, UCLA, Alabama, Tennessee, Navy, California, and Miami. 

  1. Peyton Manning is the starting quarterback to win Super Bowls from 2 different teams solely

Manning is the only starting quarterback who won 2 Super Bowls with two different teams—the Indianapolis Colts in 2007 and the Denver Broncos in 2016.

  1. Phil Simms was paid an enormous amount to say he would be celebrating his victory by “going to Disney World”

Disney paid Phil Simms a pretty good sum of $75,000 to shout, “ I’m going to Disney World” on the field moment after his giant victory in Super Bowl XXI. In fact, they paid the same amount of money to Denver’s John Elway, just in case Denver had won. 

  1. The New England Patriots have both won and lost the most

The New England Patriot is the only team who has bagged most of the trophies and lost the most. In fact, it would be a tie between Denver Broncos and New England Patriots on losing 5 Super Bowl matchups.

  1. The Pittsburgh Steelers were the first Super Bowl-winning team to visit the White House

The Pittsburgh Steelers were the first Super Bowl team to visit White House in 1980. They met Jimmy Carter in a joint ceremony with the Pittsburgh Pirate who won in the 1979 World Series. 

  1. A super Bowl host City has to be creative on accommodation issues

When Jacksonville, Florida hosted Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005, they were out of hotel rooms to serve a massive tide of audience. So, they recruit five docked cruise ships as “floating hotels” for the event.

  1. A record amount of dollar had been bet in 2020

It was estimated that about $325 million would have been bet (legally) on Super Bowl LIV, which is a record.

  1. Super Bowl players get a handsome amount of bonuses

In 2019, each player on Pats’ championship group earned $118,000 for winning, and the defeated Los Angeles Rams players received $59,000 as a consolation prize. 

  1. Ratings for the 1993 Super Bowl went up during Michael Jackson’s halftime show

Michael Jackson’s performance in the 1993 Super Bowl, had ranked higher than the game itself. 

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