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Will LSATMax Get You Into Law School?

Will LSATMax Get You Into Law School?

Published by Programme B

Even for the most assiduous students, LSAT can be a challenging undertaking. The first step to conquering the LSAT starts by selecting the right LSAT review course. One that can give you access to study resources and help you address your shortcomings. 

LSATMax Prep course seems to have landed on the perfect recipe for such a course. Designed by the company TestMax, the course pioneered as the most comprehensive LSAT prep course available on mobile. 

So what makes this program an ideal fit for LSAT test-takers? Let us take a look at the features. 

90 Prep Tests 

LSATMax makes it a point to include only questions that were sourced from the previous LSAT exams. This way, you will not be wasting time on problems that are in no way similar to the real tests. Instead, you can take practice tests and get an idea of how you measure up. 

Over 100 hours of Video 

Study materials are also offered in video formats, offered by the 99th percentile instructors. You can learn proven strategies and techniques that are guaranteed to improve your score. 

Personalized Support 

LSATMax Prep can also offer you individualized support by allowing you to communicate with the instructors. You can take part in live Q & As, engage in real-time chats, or reach out to your instructors during their office hours. 

LSAT Flex Simulator 

Now that LSAT has moved online, it is crucial that students acquaint themselves with the new patterns and test-taking conditions. You can familiarize yourself with the digital LSAT by using the LSAT Flex simulator that comes along with the app. 

Intelligent Feedback

One of the most impressive aspects of LSATMax is that it can give you smart feedback as you progress through the study materials. The tool will pinpoint your weaknesses, so you can adjust your study plan accordingly. 


In addition to the prep questions, you can also gain access to four textbooks that serve as valuable study materials. 

LSATMax Pricing 

There are three different pricing plans that allow you to access the course for different durations. 

  • LSATMax 60 – Available for 60 days at $595
  • LSATMax 180 – Available for 180 days at $995
  • LSATMax 365 – Available for 365 days at $1,495

Each of these plans also comes with access to one hour of private tutoring. 

LSATMax – What’s the Verdict?

It is evident that the course has several features that can indeed be a powerful aid in your LSAT training. Moreover, the fact that all these features are accessible through mobile gives it an added advantage. 

The app is clean and straightforward to use, making it convenient for you to study for LSAT on the go. Additionally, you can also benefit from the analytics dashboard that will help you focus on your problem areas. 

LSATMax also has raving reviews, which increases our confidence in the platform. Compared with similar prep courses available online, LSATMax prep indeed comes across as a great choice offered at affordable prices.

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