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Top 10 Must-Ask Questions for Any UX/UI Survey

Top 10 Must-Ask Questions for Any UX/UI Survey

Published by Programme B

Asking the right questions is an important skill for a UX/UI designer. The quality of the final product can depend on the designer’s ability to research the right details. 

A professional UX/UI design firm pays a lot of attention to surveys and usability research. In this post, you will find the most important questions to ask your end users if you want your design to be liked by them.

Questions to ask during user research

High-quality design is about more than just great visuals. It also includes strong analytical skills and the ability to ask the right questions. Continue reading this post if you want to know what questions top designers ask their survey participants. 

1. What was your first impression of the product? 

The first impression defines whether the users will want to use the product or close it immediately. You can ask this question after every iteration of UX/UI design, such as “What were the user’s thoughts and emotions when they saw the product?” 

First impressions are a very subjective thing, so collecting the opinions of different people will allow you to come up with some objective solutions.

2. What do you think about when you look at the product?

Professional designers know how important the associations are in the product assessment. Some of these impressions can be quite unpredictable. Conducting a survey and communicating with end-users is the only way to know their opinion. 

Write down all the answers that the participants give you. You can use them to check whether the application creates associations that are good for the brand. 

3. Does the product meet your expectations?

By meeting the expectations of end-users you ensure that your product will be in demand. If the responses are negative, try to think of ways to improve the situation. 

4. Why do you think someone might need this product? What can you do in this product?

Every successful product on the market solves a specific user problem. The more unique and useful the product is, the higher the chances it has to succeed. 

You should ask the participants about the goals that it helps them to achieve. This information can be used to introduce new cases or for marketing. You can see the new side of your project with your users’ eyes. 

5. Would you use this product today?

By asking this question, you validate whether the product is actually useful. If the participants are ready to use it right now, that means that it solves an important problem and has no substitutes. This is a good sign for any digital project.

6. For what reasons might people not want to use it?

A rational approach to UX/UI testing implies that you should also ask the users about the disadvantages and weaker points of your product. By uncovering the bottlenecks, you make it possible to improve the application. 

7. Are you ready to pay to use this product?

People can give you a lot of positive adjectives describing the product and trying to appear nice and polite. However, when it comes to actually spend your money, not so many people are willing to throw cash at you. 

Asking survey participants to bind their assessment to monetary value is a great way to understand how useful the product is for them under real-life conditions.

8. What is the maximum amount of money you would pay for this product?

Before releasing the product, you should invest in a fair pricing strategy. A secure approach to pricing is to ask the real users how much they are ready to pay for using the application or software system. It also allows you to understand how relevant the product is and what its perspectives are.

9. What did you like and dislike about it?

So many people, so many minds. When asking people this question not only do you collect their opinion about the product but you also encounter new ideas that you can implement for your project. The end users are the best people to ask what else can be improved about the product.

10. What adjectives would you use to describe this product?

You ask this question not because you want to hear compliments about your work. Various adjectives describe the semantics of your brand and show you how it is perceived by the users. 

Final thoughts

UX/UI survey is necessary to provide a user perspective on the product. Ask the right questions to the participants you manage in order to make the most out of this experience.

Photo by Thaís Silva from Pexels