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Business Ideas You Can Start from Home

Business Ideas You Can Start from Home

Published by Programme B

We’re over a year into the pandemic, and life is still not back to normal. While the vaccine is on the horizon, job loss is still high, and people remain largely at home to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

People are struggling right now for different reasons. If you’ve lost your job, you may qualify for COVID-19 relief measures. But you may also decide to start a business from home to make up the lost income or enjoy another stream of revenue. 

Here are a few business ideas you can safely start from home in a pandemic.

Print on Demand Business

Modern online print businesses are nothing like silk-screening t-shirts out of your garage. Now, there are centralized hubs that facilitate everything you need to get a printing business going.

You can print t-shirts, mugs, and hundreds of other products! The process is streamlined and straightforward. Just connect with printing facilities from around the world through one website. For business models like print on demand, Canada has a large and eager consumer market, and it’s near many printing factories, so the economics are viable.

Monetize your side hustle without having to jump through a million hoops by connecting with suppliers and printers worldwide without leaving your living room. Plus, you can do so knowing the business model is environmentally friendly, as there’s no waste in the supply chain.

Post Educational Videos Online

Do you have a talent or skill that other people want to learn? One easy way to share it, and make some income, is by posting educational videos online.

Perhaps you play guitar or another musical instrument, or you enjoy breaking down your favorite writers. The ad revenue you make can boost your bottom line, and you may even have some fun making videos about your passions.

Anyone with a YouTube channel can connect with a print-on-demand business described above to sell “merch” to supplement ad revenue. This approach is taken by major artists, too, not just up-and-comers.

Online Reseller

Do you have a collection of goods that people may be interested in buying? It could be anything ranging from vintage clothing, collectibles, or something else entirely

Perhaps there’s an old trunk in the attic, or you have a keen eye for street fashion and know that people would pay top dollar for some of your favorite pieces. You may consider starting a website to facilitate a resale business.

Some people even grow plants and sell them for a nice profit once they’re larger, fuller, and greener. Be resourceful when considering what possessions of yours may fly off the self, and consider how best to market and price the goods.

It has been an exhausting and challenging year beyond description. As the vaccine rollout continues, we must keep wearing masks, washing our hands, and remain socially distanced. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. But if you need a cash surge in the meantime, try some of the above ideas.