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4 Easy And Cheap Ways You Can Take Care Of Your Trash

4 Easy And Cheap Ways You Can Take Care Of Your Trash

Published by Programme B

Trash is something everyone has and no one wants. Which makes having garbage inevitable, even if it’s just the waste you accumulate throughout the day. Wrappers, boxes, toilet paper, and many other things all contribute to the trash we have at the end of the week or month.

This waste starts to become a problem when our bins are overflowing before the garbage trucks roll around to take it off of our hands. Not to mention the garbage that can come with moving homes, renovations, or even just cleaning out the garage. 

Sure, there are ways to get rid of your trash fast, but a lot of the time these methods are unattainable due to their high pricing, or just people’s lack of knowledge of the situation.

In this article, we’ll be going over methods that are cost-friendly and that you can consider next time you’re looking to take care of your Trash. 

1) Rent a Dumpster Bin 

Renting a bin for your property is the perfect option if you’re looking to do things like renovation on your home or moving properties. You might want to clean your place too, which is what homeowners often do in most parts of Atlanta. While there are companies that can charge you a high amount, there are plenty of others who offer decent rates. The professionals behind this dumpster rental, canton ga company emphasize finding a service that can provide reliable trash removal solutions so you won’t need to handle this situation on your own. But before you do, these pros suggest making important decisions before going through with the rental, like what size dumpster you need. 

There are on average three different sizes: 

6 Cubic Yard

  • Landscaping waster
  • Mini Home Cleanouts
  • Roof Shingles 

10 Cubic Yard

  • Small Construction Projects
  • Home Furniture Cleanout 
  • Small Home Cleanouts  

20 Cubic Yard 

  • Major Construction & Renovation 
  • Large Home Cleanouts
  • Major Home Furniture Cleanouts 

These dumpsters will be delivered to your home and placed anywhere on the property that you want as long as it can legally fit without interrupting another or government property. The price of the bin will depend on your size of choice and how long you require the bin to stay on your property. Some companies do charge by weight, so ensure you know the policies of the company you’re working with. 

2) Take a Visit To Your Local Dump 

Another option for the trash removal is to actually take your trash to the dump yourself. However, you’ve probably gathered that you’ll have to have a vehicle big enough to carry your trash. If you do this can be a great method for people who haven’t done major renovations or cleanouts, but have a few large pieces they would rather have removed from their property right away. 

Depending on where you are located, the price to dump garbage will vary. On average dumping it yourself will cost you a 50 dollar flat rate. There’s also the option to drop your garbage off and have a worker do the rest. That can run you a little extra but will be worth it if your short on time or just don’t want to get your hands dirty. 

Even if you don’t have a large enough vehicle sometimes renting a truck for the day will cost you less than hiring a bin especially if you don’t have enough trash to properly fill one. However, this isn’t the greatest option if you’re someone who cares for the environment and the contribution to global warming. 

3) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Methodology

The simplest way to take care of your trash is to get to the root of the problem – waste less. While this is a bit difficult for large home projects and moves, this method can still be implemented in your everyday life.  

Opt for using reusable containers, like water bottles and Tupperware. You’ll notice a huge impact on the amount of waste your produce in just a week. There’s also the opportunity to reuse things like plastic bags, either a bag for smaller bins around the house or for other reasons. 

4) Use Your Compost as Fertilizers

Depending on where you live you may be already required to separate your food waste or compost from your other garbage. However, even if you aren’t, this waste-reducing method will work for you. Compost is a great fertilizer for those who tend to a garden of either flower, food, or a mix of both. The truth is our compost garbage is full of organic materials that can help your garden grow. Not to mention using your compost as fertilizer will help you save cash on the money you would have otherwise needed to invest in fertilizer for your garden. It’s as simple as setting up an extra little bin to separate the compost from your actual trash can. 

Disposing of your trash can sometimes be a struggle. Rather than being reactive to this problem, it’s best to follow the tips stated above so you won’t have to have a hard time. Doing so will make your property cleaner and a better place to stay in.