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6 Tips To Have A Super Clean And Good Smelling Laundry

6 Tips To Have A Super Clean And Good Smelling Laundry

Published by Programme B

Very few things beat the feeling of lying in a bed with fresh and sweet-smelling sheets after a long day. Dressing up in soft-scented clothes also enhances your mood significantly. 

There are several ways of making your laundry smell fresh. Some people make use of chemical softeners while others employ different tricks and hacks to get the same results without using harsh chemicals. Whatever the case, the priority is making sure the laundry is super clean and you are comfortable with the scent. The following are 6 key tips that can help you achieve exactly that.

How To Make Your Laundry Super Clean

1.Clean Your Washing Machine Properly

It’s impossible to clean your laundry effectively when the machine itself is harboring mold and other nasties. Therefore, your first priority should be ensuring your machine is clean and up for the task.

There are different ways of cleaning washing machines. Some techniques use readily available materials like vinegar and baking soda. Most self-cleaning washing machines also come with a clear outline of how you can keep them clean.

One thing you need to remember while cleaning your machine is you should never mix vinegar with bleach. These two combine to form chlorine gas which is poisonous to you and bad for your fabric.

It’s good practice to leave the washer door open whenever you are done with your laundry. This promotes air circulation and keeps the machine free of mold.

2. Choose Your Washing Detergents Carefully

Detergents make a huge difference in how your laundry looks and smells. They can also affect the performance of your machine. 

It’s crucial to read the label every time you are shopping for cleaners. The good thing is that wholesale laundry detergent manufacturers always provide detailed information on where and how their cleaners should be used. They provide details on whether the detergent is good for a cold or hot wash water wash and the types of fabrics they are compatible with.

Always use the detergents as directed. 

3. Don’t Overload The Machine


We understand that laundry can be an annoying task. It probably feels like a nuisance on a day when all you really want is to lay on your couch with some Netflix. But, don’t be too lazy and squeeze all your weeklong laundry in the tiny machine. Trust me, the results will be very disappointing. 

One of the core rules of doing laundry is ensuring the washer is not more than three-quarters full. Leave enough space in the machine and between the clothes for proper cleaning. 

4. Wash On Hot

One of the best ways of dealing with body soil (sweat, dead skin flakes, and body oils) is through hot water. However, if you are dealing with a fabric that is not hot-water washable, get a powerful detergent that can get the job done. 

5. Do Your Laundry As Soon As Possible

Make it a habit to do your laundry within a reasonable time. Sure, factors like energy and water consumption need to be considered but you should know that stacking your laundry for too long allows the bacteria on your clothes to breed. This is especially a problem if your clothes are filled with sweat.

6. Dry Your Laundry Immediately

Dry your laundry as soon as you are done. If you are line drying, leave sufficient space between the clothes for maximum air circulation. 

It’s advisable to line dry your clothes in a place where they are exposed to sunlight. This helps in killing bacteria and mold.

You should also let your laundry dry completely before storage. 


How To Make Your Laundry Smell Great Without Fabric Softeners

If you distaste chemical fabric softeners for whatever reason, the following alternative hacks will prove very effective in enhancing the smell of your laundry:

a. Citrus Oils

Citrus oils make great natural softeners. They deliver a gentle but delightful scent.

Mix half a cup of borax, half a cup of baking soda, and one cup of white vinegar, with 20 drops of citrus oils to make the softener.

b. Lavender Water

One of the most straightforward hacks on this list. Just add lavender essential oil into a bottle filled with water, shake the mixture, and then spray your laundry before throwing it into the machine. 

You can substitute lavender with other essential oils too.

c. Wool Balls

Making wool balls takes a bit of time but it’s well worth it plus they’re long-lasting. 

d. Scented Paper Towel

Another straightforward technique that works wonders. Just put a few drops of essential oil on a paper towel and drop it in the dryer with your laundry.

e. Homemade Softener

Channel your inner DIY creativity and make your own softener at home. There are dozens of recipes online so it should be a fairly easy and fun adventure.

Making your clothes look good and smell amazing is pretty easy when you know what to do. Follow the simple guide above and you’ll never struggle with your laundry again.