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Tips for Choosing the Right Wall Art for Your Home

Tips for Choosing the Right Wall Art for Your Home

Published by Programme B
Guernica, Spain-September 2018. Picture of Picasso’s Guernica. You can see the abstract art.

Art is a topic that is entirely subjective, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that. If you are going to be investing in some wall art for your home, you must first ensure that it speaks to you, and second, ensure that it is practical and that it will fit in your home. Many people, quite often actually, make terrible mistakes and introduce abysmal ‘art’ into their homes, only to be ridiculed by their family and friends, and to an extent, even themselves. Choosing the right wall art is absolutely crucial – we’ll tell you how.

Yes, in this article we are going to tell you a few tips for choosing the right wall art for your home. We hope that armed with this page, that you will be able to confront the art world and find the right art for you.

Here are a few tips for choosing the right wall art for your home.

The Purpose of Your Wall Art

Something to think about is what purpose does your art intend to serve? Is it for people to admire, is it for you, or is it for your children? You can, for example, personalize wall stickers for your children’s bedrooms, and according to the wall art specialists from, this is a fantastic option for your children’s walls. If the art is for you, then what do you like, and what do you want? If it is for people, then ask yourself what type of art visitors to your home will like? All of these are things to think about. The purpose of the art on your walls needs to be given serious thought.

The Location of Your Art

Where you hang your art, whether it be a painting, portrait, print, or a sticker, needs to be given serious thought. Some positions in your home will catch more light, for example, so if you intend on investing in a huge tapestry, you might want to hang this in a position where it catches more natural light, thus accentuating the features and details of the tapestry. The location of your art should be factored into the art itself.

Do You Want It?

Another thing to take into consideration is whether or not you actually want it. Unfortunately, many people buy art just to appear as an aesthete. If you are not, do not pretend to be so. You should never buy art for your home that you dislike, just to impress others. And if you are going to buy art for others, at least buy art that you personally like as well, so that you are not just hanging something you do not want on the walls of your home.


A large company of people who have something to discuss. Modern abstract fine art illustration.

Does Your Family Like It?

Something else to take into consideration, assuming that you live at home with your family, is do they like it? It is terribly unfair to hang a piece of art on the wall that your family does not like. Instead, ask them their opinion first. Do not impose art upon them – they have to live there too, you know? Ask for your family’s opinion before you bring anything into your home so that you do not upset them or force things upon them.

What’s the Price?

At the moment, we are all experiencing our fair share of economic hardship. The pandemic has completely changed the world and ruined many people’s lives. Many are unemployed, many more will be so by the time the virus has run its course. You should give serious thought to the price, and in our opinion, should not buy something that is obscenely expensive, unless it is not expensive to you at all. The price of the art that you buy is important to take into consideration, especially now when money is so hard to come by. 

Dealers of Repute

If you are buying expensive art, it is important that you only buy from dealers of repute. Dealers who sell fraudulent art are absolutely everywhere. Finding a dealer of repute can be difficult, but it is important. Before you part with your money, you must know the provenance of your particular piece of art, and you must be certain that it is not a knockoff. The art world is overwhelmed with frauds and fakes – don’t be the sucker who buys one of them. Find a respectable house and dealer of repute, then when you are satisfied, buy until your heart’s content.

Choosing the right art for your home is crucially important. We hope that, with this article, you now know a few ways that you can do that. Thank you for visiting us and reading the article we have brought you today.