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Best Walmart Coupon Tips And Tricks: How To Make The Most Out Of Your Coupons

Best Walmart Coupon Tips And Tricks: How To Make The Most Out Of Your Coupons

Published by Programme B

You’ve been an avid fan of couponing ever since you received your first-ever discount vouchers. But why does it seem like others are getting more from theirs than you are, your stubs? Here are tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your Walmart coupons, stat. 

Best Walmart Coupon Tips

Rebates And Freebies 

The multinational retail giant doesn’t allow coupon stacking. Not anymore. This means that you are permitted to use one coupon per sole item, at a time. But worry not! Walmart, being as customer-centric as it has always been since 1962, has rebates waiting for you at every turn. 

Utilize rebate apps. If you aren’t yet, grab one (download) now. Tons of shoppers still don’t seem keen on such apps because they aren’t aware of how much they can earn back through rebates. Be watchful of the coupons you have and always double-check them for rebates through said apps accordingly. 

Walmart Coupon Overage

We’re placing this high on the list because only Walmart practices coupon overage. A “coupon overage” refers to how a store gives the item for free if the price is ground-zero-low, or they allow customers to keep the remainder of the coupon discount. 

You can use the difference on another item in your cart or pocket it as actual cash. A definite yay on our books!

What extreme couponers do is collect overages and then use them on products that are not frequent on coupon lists. Above all, said overages can be applied on items different from the ones the coupons were for originally. 

When The Tide Is Low, Shop! 

There’s a rush to wading through wave upon wave of people in shops to wait your turn as your coupons are validated. The buzz is quite exciting, isn’t it? But the thing is that this may not be helpful as a coupon tip. 

Why? Because said in-store rush can affect your judgment. You’ll be less alert about which items you’ll get rebates for, which ones you can apply overages to, and the like. Being in such a crowd will cloud your wise-shopper senses. 

Additionally, supervisor approval is required for certain coupon transactions. Examples of this are spending over $50 dollars within the same transaction, presenting coupons with an amount of $5 and over, etc. And the wait-time can be a day-ruiner. 

Better yet, shop online. If the store’s website accepts the coupons you have in hand, choose the web option instead. It’s hassle-free, plus, it’s free of crowds. If the items you want to purchase are available only in-store, try your best to drop in when the lanes are quieter. 

Other Apps: Savings Catcher 

Now that Walmart has disallowed price-matching with competitor brands and/or stores, be all-the-familiar with apps like the Savings Catcher. It’s a method of checking what competitors offer, for you to compare them with the products in your Walmart shopping cart. 

Think of it as a neat replacement for price-matching. And this time, it can be accomplished so conveniently— through a few punches on your phone! 

On top of that, apps like this will return remainders in the form of a Walmart e-gift card. From there, your discount-hunting can commence once again. Awesome, right?

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