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5 hippie fashion trends in 2021

5 hippie fashion trends in 2021

Published by Programme B

Do you like hippie fashion? Well, add color and fun to your outfits with this chic style that causes a sensation during the 4 seasons. Today, hippie fashion remains in force in the wide universe of the textile industry, managing to be an influence for other styles such as boho-chic that incorporates the bohemian dresses and folkloric elements of the hippie movement with certain characteristics of the trend more urban.

We are sure that, if you include a bit of hippie fashion in your looks, you will mark style and freshness wherever you go. Discover with us which are the best hippie fashion trends that will accompany you this 2021. In applying the trends, you might need advice from an online stylist.

The emergence of hippie fashion

Hippie fashion comes from the movement that emerged in the 60s and 70s. It sought to break with some of the social standards of the time and react to certain political problems such as the Vietnam War (1955-1975). In this way, the hippie style promoted the use of natural and free-flowing materials in fashion in men and women. In this, all kinds of trends, fabrics, prints, and textiles from the world were mixed.

The gentlemen could be seen with voluminous beards and hair that were combined with loose and colorful clothing. While, women used wide blouses and long bohemian dresses with floral decorations, as well as long peasant-type skirts and vast accessories. Various trends have used hippie fashion as inspiration, for example the colorful batik dyeing technique and the distinctive boho-chic style. Both try to reflect in their pieces the freedom of colors and fabrics of hippie clothing.

We provide you with the trends that are going to revolutionize your wardrobe this year. Are you going to miss this opportunity?

  1. Patterns

Colorful and showy prints are one of those elements that do not abandon hippie clothing, but rather make it stand out from other trends in the world of fashion. For 2021 the embroidered patterns on the pieces return partially or completely. The incorporation of this fabric will give an eye-catching touch to any garment.

  1. Flared pieces

A trend that is here to stay in 2021 is the return of flared hippie clothes. Since, in these times of crisis, fashion leans towards the use of comfortable and loose pieces to wear on different occasions. In the market there are different models of pants that have been influenced by the hippie style, modernizing the retro style in a certain way without abandoning the flared element. Slouchy style garments and bootcut jeans are the most noteworthy to mention in hippie fashion 2021. 

  1. Showy jewels

Like, the striking prints are part of the hippie fashion trends for this 2021, joins the list of garments, the use of colorful and showy jewels. For some time, the trend has been inclined towards the use of delicate and subtle jewelry, but who says that you cannot incorporate the best of both worlds. 

  1. Delicate fabrics

Hippie clothing emphasizes the use of crochet or crochet in different designs. This fabric is quite comfortable and versatile to use in both next petite skirts and next maxi skirts, thanks to its delicacy in embroidery and softness in the fabric. Above all, they cause a sensation in garments such as blouses and dresses. In addition, that in this way important designers and firms in the fashion industry, manage to put into practice the use of natural or free-flowing materials.

  1. Movement with the fringes

It would not be a true list of hippie fashion trends if we do not mention this characteristic element. The fringes give movement and unique touch to all the garments. For this reason, we come to see it as an added detail in the best catwalks of the textile industry.

Finally, before applying the fashion trends, getting information from a stylist site is recommended.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels