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5 Rules for Cozy Rooms

5 Rules for Cozy Rooms

Published by Programme B

These days we spend a lot of time at home. We work in front of the PC, play online casino games in Canada, and chat with friends in one room. These tips will help me feel better at home and make the room cozier.

Carpet: for Coziness and Zoning

Carpets were undeservedly discarded a few years ago. But designers recommend not forgetting about this piece of furniture in the living room. They can help to zone the room and make the space more comfortable.

Nowadays there is a wide variety of carpet styles: modern or classic, by composition: synthetic and natural materials, and, accordingly, by price. You can find the perfect rug for any interior. It will help to zone the space and trivialize your living room.

Wall Decor: Paintings, Posters, Herbaria in Frames

Empty walls make space feel less lived in and cozy. Whereas picking a painting to match the interior is already half the battle in competent decorating. Nothing sets the mood in the interior like a well-chosen art. An oil painting of large size looks very effective, but also a few matching posters can look no less stylish. Now on Instagram, you can find very interesting paintings from emerging artists at quite affordable prices. Posters or paintings can not be limited to. An unusual trend is herbarium frames.

Textile Sets: Spring, Autumn, Winter

Textiles are the best way to inexpensive decorating. The variety offered by the decor departments, even in the mass market, opens up great possibilities for the apartment owner. Textiles are also used by decorators.

With textiles, you can completely change the style and mood of the living room: to make it more bright and festive or calm and laconic. These can be sofa cushions, a rug, and curtains. Cushions are color accents and should match the color of the carpet and art. It is convenient to have several sets of textiles, for example, spring, autumn, and New Year, and change them depending on the mood and occasion.

Open Shelves: Books and Decor

On the open shelves of a shelving unit or closet that stands in your living room, it is important to keep order. But it is also easy to use them to decorate the room. The decorator has his own techniques and tips. It is better to arrange books by size and color. And dilute the library with stylish accessories, picture frames, and even houseplants in beautiful planters.

A Coffee Table: an Independent Accessory and the Basis for the Composition

If you want to compliment the upholstered group of furniture with a coffee table, pay attention to its design. It may well become a decorative item. But also you can create a beautiful composition on it.

A coffee table by the sofa is not only a stylish decorative item but also a convenient and practical thing. It is absolutely indispensable for relaxed work or watching your favorite movie with a glass of wine. The table can be a bright and unusual accent as well as an additional place for storage. You can put art albums on it and make a laconic composition of flowers and candles on a small tray.

photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels