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6 Easy Ways You Can Get Your Caffeine Fix Right At Home

6 Easy Ways You Can Get Your Caffeine Fix Right At Home

Published by Allen Brown

Apart from a healthy breakfast, one way to start your morning on a pleasant note is with a cup of coffee. Nothing beats being able to make a great cup of coffee in the comfort of your home. Not only does it save you money, but it’s also satisfying to know that you can make your brew just the way you like or want it.

Let’s walk you over six easy ways you can fix yourself a cup of coffee at home. As a rule of thumb, ensure you ALWAYS make use of amazing coffee beans for your brewing.

1. Coffee Using Espresso Machine

Anyone with the most basic knowledge about coffee knows about an espresso machine. It’s arguably the best filter coffee machine around. Produced in various shapes, sizes, and with loads of functions, the basis of operation remains the same: they force water under pressure through a chamber of finely ground coffee beans, then through a filter.

You’ll need a fine, consistent grind to get the best coffee. You can try this trick to test the texture of your grind; take a pinch of your grind, it should clump in your fingertips. If it’s too coarse, it won’t clump at all, and if too fine, it will clump excessively. When done right, espresso is strong and full of flavor.

2. Moka Pot/Stovetop Espresso Brewing

If you can’t afford an espresso machine, but still want that espresso-like kick you can only get from a pressurized brew. The stovetop espresso maker (Moka pot) is the one for you.

The Moka pot works its magic through its 3 chambered brew process. It boils water in the bottom chamber, the steam then causes pressure that pushes water up through the coffee and into the top chamber.​

Once you have the right grind (coarser than one for an espresso) it’s a relatively simple process–fill the chambers, turn on the heat and keep a close eye on it. It’s super fast and the result should be a bittersweet and super-strong concoction that will get you through the day. An advantage of the Moka pot is that you can brew multiple cups of coffee at once. 

3. Aeropress

The AeroPress is famous with the traveling coffee community as one of the best things to have happened to coffee. Many people attest to the fact that it brews the best coffee they’ve ever tasted.

Using the right water temperature, the right level of air pressure, and the right size grind gives an excellent tasting brew in a matter of minutes. Whatever size of grind you use will give a different unique result. Not only does it save time, but this method also brews one of the best coffee you will ever taste.

4. French Press

The French press is one of the oldest methods of making home-brewed coffee. ​It has lasted generations because of multiple reasons, some of which include the fact that it’s easy to use, it’s cheap, and produces a brew with a distinct taste you can’t get using any other method.

To use the French Press, you need to use the right coffee grind. A coarse grind is the only way to go. If the grind is too fine, particles will get stuck in the filter and pass into the finished brew, and add to over-steeping and leave you with a bitter mess. 

A unique, non-harsh aromatic coffee that’s full of flavor, particular to your beans. This method will leave little sediments, so don’t drink the last few drops of each cup

5. The SoftBrewSave

The SoftBrew, primitive yet high tech is like a French press, but easier. All you need to do is to fill the Softbrew filter with ground coffee, add hot water, let it steep for 4-8 minutes, and then serve. The significant thing about this gadget is the high-tech special filter with hundreds of thousands of tiny holes, this makes it possible to put ANY size grinds and still get an exceptional result. 

This special filter allows only the smallest and tiniest of grounds and this gives the brew depth, flavor, and body. Just like a French press, but cleaner.

6. Cold Drip Brewing (Cold Brew)

Cold-brew is one of the most popular caffeine-driven innovations of this time and indeed you must have heard of cold drip coffee even if you are new to the coffee world.


Simply put, it’s made by slowly dripping cold filtered water through fresh grinds for a long period–often 10 hours or more. It can be done with a cold brew coffee maker. The result is an intense, unique tasting coffee with a super-smooth finish and guess what? no acidity or bitterness in the brew. 


Making great coffee in your home is easier than you think; and indeed, simple things like storing your beans properly and using the right filters will prevent unwanted bitterness. With these simple tips, you can always make yourself a delicious, satisfying, and perfect cup of coffee every morning, right in your home.