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Alternatives for Everyday Items for Sustainable Living

Alternatives for Everyday Items for Sustainable Living

Published by Allen Brown

Climate change is a mainstream discussion amongst nations of the world. The use of eco-friendly products is crucial as the concerns surrounding global warming increase. It has become inherent to encourage the use of eco-friendly products. 

With eco-friendly products, we can limit the carbon content in our ecological system. Many eco-friendly products help reduce the amount of harmful waste we dispose of and serve as healthy alternatives. 

The switch to eco-friendly products helps support businesses and enables you to make an impact in protecting the environment. This article sheds light on several sustainable living alternatives for everyday living. Below are these alternatives in no particular order.

1. Reusable grocery bags

At grocery stores, we get to use plastic bags to pack items. These plastic bags are terrible for the planet. It takes a long while to decompose, and the chemicals required to produce these bags are harmful to the environment. The disposal of these bags has led to waste blockages and erosions in many countries. We can help by making use of reusable bags made of cotton. These bags can be washed and used for long periods. It reduces the number of plastic bags we get to deal with in the environment.

2. Razors

We frequently visit the salon to get our hair fixed or shaved. With the pandemic, we get to do this at home. The regular razors we use have plastic handles, and we dispose of them once the blade goes blunt. Imagine how many razors get ditched weekly with shaves; this amount of waste can reduce using sustainable razors. These razors are from stainless steel, wood, and other fabric. They last longer, and you can replace the blade without disposing of the holder.

3. Rechargeable batteries

Batteries are made up of chemicals and materials that are not entirely healthy for the environment. The use of rechargeable batteries would help reduce the number of single-use batteries disposed of after use. 

4. Natural deodorants and cleaning products

Many deodorants contain chemical substances not entirely healthy for the skin and the environment. In the bid to clean tough stains and kill odors, manufacturers include an arsenal of chemicals to make them effective. Today, it is possible to kill odors and clean hard stains using products made from natural materials like plants and fruits. These are healthy, and they get the job done. They are also biodegradable, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and affordable.

5. Biodegradable trash bags

Disposal of waste is a necessity, and by throwing away our waste products, we are doing our part in keeping the environment clean and safe. However, we can make it healthier by using biodegradable trash bags that dissolve into the soil along with trash. These bags are made from plant-based material, making it easy for them to decompose. 

6. Grow some food crop or nurture a garden

Gardens help improve the air circulation in the atmosphere, supporting the ecosystem. Plants give off oxygen into the air and reduce the carbon content by taking in carbon dioxide. You also get to consume fresh food which is very healthy for the body. We also play a role in combating and help reduce the carbon content released as part of industrial fumes and gases. 

7. Reusable water bottles

The use of reusable water bottles reduces the number of plastic bottles trashed daily. The water content of these plastic bottles is all consumers need, after which the bottles become waste. 

The constant trashing of such bottles has heaped a burden on waste management authorities in many countries. Regardless of the recycling processes involved in getting many of these bottles from trash bins, many still end up in our waters and drainages. They cause blockages that lead to floods and dirt piles, unhealthy for the environment.

8. Compostable dog waste disposal bags

These disposable bags are from sustainable bioplastic, which is biodegradable. With an increasing number of dog owners, dog waste now constitutes about 5% of waste in our environment. The use of these disposable bags helps us dispose of dog waste without posing any harm to the environment.

9. Paper or Stainless Straws

Paper straws are much better for the environment as compared to plastic straws. They could break down easily and do not pose any threats to the environment. Plastic straws take longer to decompose and can be stuck in sewage pipes and waste dismissal channels. You can also use stainless and wooden straws.

There are so many alternative products that help sustain the environment. The decision is to live sustainable lifestyles and save our environment is a choice, or we ignore the consequences and destroy the earth. Even in the tech world, scientists are beginning to invent eco-friendly laptops, phone cases, and screen-touch computers. The goal is to save the world and allow the coming generation to meet the world in great shape.