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The Most Important Thing You Need To Take Care Of After A Nasty Road Accident

The Most Important Thing You Need To Take Care Of After A Nasty Road Accident

Published by Allen Brown

A nasty car accident means you got seriously injured and your vehicle got damaged too, because of the accident, a multiple dilemma occurrence is everyone’s worst nightmare. 

Remember, post-accident risks are everywhere and what happens next could put you in a life-threatening situation or land you in court. Bearing that in mind, this article highlights some important things that will save your life and ensure you get full compensation for your injuries after a nasty car accident.


Seek Medical Attention 

When you recover from the dizziness or disorientation that comes with a nasty car crash, the only thing that should be on your mind is seeking medical attention because survival comes first. It is necessary to contact the medical providers as soon as possible, the on-scene EMTs will help you check for injuries and determine if you need to ride an ambulance to the nearest hospital. 

Sometimes, the injuries or the consequence of an accident might not be noticeable immediately and failure to get medical attention can cause further complications. Also, if you are considering making an injury claim, don’t wait too long to see the doctor. If you do not receive medical treatment immediately following a nasty car accident, the insurance company will use this as an opportunity to claim your injuries are fake or not caused by the accident. 

Go For Comprehensive Diagnostic Tests

After getting medical attention, you must get a proper diagnostic test and examination when receiving treatment for your injuries after the accident. To be more emphatic, this is not the right time to get yourself worried about medical expenses getting piled up, the goal here is for you to be healthy. You are to make sure any injuries you may have sustained are discovered, treated, and documented as this will become handy shortly.

Make sure you receive the diagnostics and examinations ranging from MRIs, X-rays, scans, and all other medical tests that will make your doctor certain of the diagnosis for your injuries. Do not allow for any situation that will make the insurance company manipulate their way out, be sure to document all your medical procedures.

Contact The Law Enforcement 

If you have suffered major injuries, contact law enforcement. The period for filing police reports varies from state to state. Most police departments set a limit of 72 hours. This is important because the police will do groundwork investigation, interview affected parties, interview third party witnesses, scrutinize the accident, inspect the vehicle and draw up conclusions about who was guilty in the accident.

Without contacting the police, you expose your situation to assumptions and non-evidence-based conclusions. The other driver too could claim you both share the fault leaving you in a position of asserting a claim against the insurance company that its insured driver was not involved. Following the accident make sure you contact the police and have a report made. This is very necessary!

Notify Your insurer And Start The Claims Process

Your insurance company will need as much information as they could get from anyone involved in an accident, which includes: the driver, passengers, witnesses, and even the pedestrians. But even after you contact them, give no information or statement on your own.

Agents from your insurance company will attempt to contact you and represent that they are there to protect your interests. Often the insurance company will try to contact the victim after the accident to quickly get a statement before you contact your attorney. It is normal to notify your insurance company that you were involved in an accident but do not give any statement until you consult your attorney.

Contact Your Attorney 

If you sustain injuries during the accident, contact your attorney or hire one, if you don’t have any. As opposed to the insurance company, your attorney will have your best interest in mind and will contend to see that you get maximum compensation for your injuries. An experienced attorney will also be able to walk you through how to get full compensation for a car accident in the soonest time possible. Doing so will help you recover completely after this nasty incident. This professional will also determine the best legal options available if you choose to pursue a claim against the party who caused the said accident.

Your attorney will help you with settling your property damage claim, getting your vehicle fixed, full recovery of your medical expenses, among other things required of a personal injury lawyer. Be sure you hire or contact your attorney following a car accident. Be sure to follow all these tips judiciously with a clear head to get full compensation for your troubles.