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Amazing Low-calorie Snack Ideas That You Should Definitely Try

Amazing Low-calorie Snack Ideas That You Should Definitely Try

Published by Allen Brown

In an ideal world, we would all stick to a calorie-controlled diet and focus on eating fresh fruit and vegetables. Even when people do discipline themselves in this way, however, they may still have issues with snacking. By mid-morning or mid-afternoon, many individuals fancy something to eat and reach for the nearest item. Sadly snacks are often bad for us, being high in salt, sugar, fats and calories. 

It’s wise not to stock up on junk food. If we don’t have it, it can’t become a temptation. It’s essential that we don’t create a vacuum, however. If we’re not eating candy, we need to have something else in its place. Fortunately, we don’t always need to sacrifice flavor in order to eat healthy snacks. There are many we can choose from that are as tasty as they are beneficial. If you need some examples, read on. 

Hot Dogs

In many ways, it’s not the meat that may be bad for us, but what we eat with it. Hot dogs can be characterized by average calories, if we were to talk about numbers. Potato buns or white bread buns generally contain between 100 and 150 calories. If you limit the toppings and condiments, the total amount may only be in the region of 270 calories. 

When it comes to the nutrition angle, hot dogs can be an inexpensive way to receive protein. One beef frank can contain as much as 5g of protein and you can improve this by eating leaner meat versions. That’s good news if you’re on a keto or high-protein diet. 

Hard-Boiled Eggs

They are an amazing resource of goodness in a compact version. There can be around 78 calories in a large egg, and they can provide you with more than 6g of protein. They also contain vitamin B12 and vitamin A, as well as healthy fat, phosphorus and selenium. 

Hard-boiled eggs are easy to match up with salad-type foods, including cheese, nuts, fruits and vegetables. It’s worth experimenting with things like pesto or mayonnaise, and kimchi, dijon mustard and pickles. Check out keto-devilled eggs as well: they’re great for protein provision and look delicious on the buffet table. 


This is one of the most obvious healthy snacks. It can help your body stock up on much-needed fiber whilst being low in calories. There’s no need to become bored by eating bananas or apples, however. Why not eat it dried or frozen? You can add a little honey for sweetness or pour yogurt on it. Whilst there will be no protein or fat, you may take in around 25g of carbohydrates. 

Peanut butter is a great option as it’s full of protein, and it can form part of a calorie-controlled diet. Only buy natural peanut butter and be disciplined over the quantities. If you add a couple of tablespoons to a small apple you’ll only be taking in around 267 calories. 


If you wish to avoid the salad category, this could be your option. You may be taking in similar foods but in a drink format. There’s loads of scope for variety here by mixing up water or nut milk with greens, berries or peas. 

Added to that are hemp protein, chia seeds, coconut, flax seeds and whey. The end result can be distinctive, flavorsome and packed with healthy nutrients for your body. 

Rice Cakes

They are light and low in calories, and can be purchased in different flavors including apple spice, caramel corn and white cheddar. At 60 calories rice cakes are a definite ‘lightweight’ and only contain half a gram of fat. They usually carry around 14g of carbs and 1g of protein. 

Whilst a plain rice cake may not be flavorsome on its own, it can present a blank canvas for adding a host of tasty extras. You could add a slice of avocado or a thin layer of peanut butter. Sprinkled red pepper flakes go well in addition. 

Dark Chocolate

Many people will be delighted to see this on the list. Chocolate has a wide spectrum of calories, but dark chocolate (60%+ cocoa) is among the lowest in sugar. Chocolate contains such essentials as natural antioxidants, magnesium and iron. It also includes fiber, and one ounce of chocolate holds around 1.5g of protein

This has been a brief selection of snacks but there’s also carrot sticks and hummus that you could try, or greek yogurt with berries. With a little imagination, you can enjoy a feast of flavor without overdosing on calories. Getting and staying healthy may never have been so much fun.