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Read Text Messages Free (Intercepting Apps)

Read Text Messages Free (Intercepting Apps)

Published by Programme B

With the increase in the use of technology nowadays, the applications for smartphones have gone on to be developed evenly more innovative. For example, text messages which are one of the most intimate components of every phone can now be easily intercepted on, courtesy of that technology. It has become minutes now to spy on text messages even when not having the target device with you. These applications work both on iPhones and Androids. If you came here looking for a monitoring app to catch a cheater, you are in the right place.

Spy apps read someone’s messages efficiently that the user doesn’t have to even touch the target phone. A wide variety of spy apps to catch a cheating spouse is available in the market, making it challenging for them to choose. You can now put all the doubts to bed and open up the truth with these spy apps. All you need is a phone and a spy service for it.

Following are the top five spy apps that can intercept text messages.


uMobix is a spy app that is easier to install as compared to its competitors. The most user-friendly options on the list give you access to the target phone’s text messages, phone calls, and the contact book. To add to uMobix’s list of pros, it can take screenshots of the target phone’s screen, a fantastic feature.

For enhanced experience throughout the app’s usage, it is better to purchase the premium subscription package. However, the app offers a free trial subscription for three days to learn about the beginners’ features and performance.


mSpy app is one of the standard spy apps to track the activity of the target phone. It gives you access to track calls, messages, browsing activity, etc. The best feature of the app that it gives you access to deleted texts too. Parents mainly use this app to keep an eye on their children’s activities on computers and phones. Using this app, you take the driver’s seat to save your children from many dangerous cybercrimes and protect them from cheating.


Flexispy is one of the trusted and valuable spy apps for parents to monitor their children’s activities wherever they go. Flexispy has many unique features that are available only in this app currently available in the market. For example, the access to record a call and record the surrounding is the best feature to look for in a spy app to catch a cheater.


Minspy is also one of the spy apps that work for both Android and iOS phones. It allows you to access the personnel activities remotely as it can be used without touching the targeted phone. It is one of the best spy apps to catch a cheater.


CocoSpy comes as the most effective spy software compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones. It gives you access to social media apps like WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook, and you can also monitor its call history and frequency.

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