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Super Simple Steps You Should Do Everyday To Become Healthier and More Fit

Super Simple Steps You Should Do Everyday To Become Healthier and More Fit

Published by Allen Brown

You probably heard the phrase that a healthy body is a happy one. This means that staying healthy and fit also affects the state of your mind and that is why you should always consider this kind of lifestyle. This of course doesn’t mean you have to renounce all of your unhealthy habits but only to regulate them. With the right amount of exercise and food and supplement intake, you will be on your way to a healthier life while still being able to “slip up” and consume things that make you happy. Here are the tips on how to do so:

What should you do in order to stay healthy and fit?

1) Exercise every day

This step should be obvious, but here you will learn how to balance physical activity with everyday life. Daily exercise doesn’t mean intensive training, but it should still be done regularly. The intensity should depend on how much weight you want to lose or the muscle you want to gain.

How do you know what type of exercise is best for you?

You always need to know what you want to do with your body (lose weight, gain muscle and body mass, etc.). Some people see everyday walking as a type of exercise and it can indeed be very good for you. Others take up jogging or hit the gym because they want to be in better shape physically. To sum up, here are some of the things you could do depending on what you want to accomplish:

  • Walking running/jogging to lose weight
  • Weight lifting in the gym for gaining muscle
  • At home workouts like push-ups, squats, and planks to get in shape
  • Martial arts training for focus and stamina

Of course, you should have in mind to always consult someone or look up how to prepare for your training session and how to stretch afterward. All high-intensity workouts will cause your muscles to ache for a day or two, but do a session during that period. It will become easier and without pain within a couple of days. Remember to gradually intensify the sessions so that you don’t get hurt. Also, make sure to change your eating habits accordingly to get the amount of protein required for the workout you do. Here is a list of things that you need to remember:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat protein-rich food
  • Warm-up before the training
  • Stretch after the training
  • Do it daily

2) Take vitamin supplements

Supplements should be taken always, and not just when you are suffering from vitamin deficiency, which is a prevalent problem in North America. These pills can keep you healthy when, for example, you are not able to go out so you take Vitamin D to compensate for less exposure to the Sun. Always find a trustworthy supplier. If you are looking for them in Canada supplements can be found everywhere, but try finding a place where you’d get them without worrying about unwanted side effects. Having that in mind, also consult professionals to know what your daily dose should be so that you don’t suffer hypervitaminosis.

Which supplements should you take?

The vitamins you take depend on what your body lacks at the time. However, there are some you should take in daily. Be careful with the dose so start taking them after consulting a doctor. Here is the list of what vitamins you should get daily:

  1. Vitamin D decreases the chances of getting sick, decrease pain in the back and the bone, and lower the chances of bone and hair loss
  2. Magnesium to calm the nervous system, ease sleep problem, regulate muscle function, and balance blood sugar levels
  3. Calcium strengthens your bone structure and teeth
  4. Zinc supports the immune system and helps your body to use protein and fat for energy
  5. Iron to increase your energy, strengthen your brain function, and make your red blood cells healthier
  6. Folate if you are pregnant to prevent birth defects
  7. Vitamin C to strengthen your immune system

3) Eat healthy foods in the right portions for every meal

This method should be implemented even if you are not working out regularly because it is a very good method to stay healthy and keep your digestive system clean. If you are opting for sugar take them from fruits because chocolate bars will pump up your calories fast. Also, eat vegetables with every meal because the fibers in them help your body to function better. Have in mind that you can get all the healthy meals with what you have at home. Here are the food groups you should include to stay healthy and fit:

  1. Starchy carbs
  2. Fruits and vegetables
  3. Dairy products
  4. Protein (eggs, nuts, pulses, beans, lean meats, chicken, turkey, seafood)
  5. Healthy fats

Keep track of the calories and food intake daily

Always make sure that you consume the right amount of food. This will make sure that your metabolism runs fine, and it is best achieved with multiple small portions a day. It will help you breathe smoother when working out so you see why it is so important. Having less food in your digestive system means more energy is used during the exercise.

Work out a method that will help you to keep track of how many calories you take in per day so that you can balance that with your physical exercise. For example, bodybuilders gain body mass because they have a routine of taking a lot of calories in so they would have the energy to do intensive training sessions. If you tend to lose weight you eat less than you exercise. 

4) Make sure that you rest a lot

Today, it is sometimes unimaginable to get enough sleep from time to time, but you should always know how important it is. Getting the right amount of sleep will recharge your batteries and get you through the next day both mentally and physically. You should always get from 6 to 8 hours every night and you’ll feel better during the day. Also, consider short naps during the day if you are exhausted from work but keep it short (30 minutes) so you could fall asleep easily.

This is a good way to keep your mind and body fresh for the challenges you will face. Also, know that some people don’t go to the gym daily so that their muscles can rest. In the meantime, they do smaller training sessions at home, which helps when you want to get in shape.

As soon as you implement these methods in your life your body and mind will be thankful. These tips will surely help if you do them right. Always consult a professional to make sure you are doing everything accordingly. Hire a personal trainer for workout routines, a doctor for supplement intake, and a nutritionist for your diet. If you stay motivated, the changes will appear very soon.