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Healthy Food You Can Make at Home

Healthy Food You Can Make at Home

Published by Programme B

If there is one good thing that this global pandemic has brought to us it’s more time to make healthier food choices. As we are already house-bound, there is at least time to research healthy food we can make at home.


When we see an overweight person on the street, the easiest and most superficial thing an individual can do is to judge. When you think about it, few people today have enough time throughout the day to dedicate to proper diets or exercise. 

Now more than ever before, due to the existence of various social media platforms, the pressure to look a certain way is huge. 

People who have the luxury to dedicate a lot of time to maintain their physical appearance are the same people who are usually all over social media, in various movies, TV shows, and advertisements. 

No wonder we feel a certain way about ourselves when that’s all we see these days. And, in fact, the reality is completely different. 

Generally, people with “perfect” bodies can be classified into 3 categories:

  1. Celebrities
  2. Youth
  3. Professional athletes and trainers

Not to mention throngs of Instagram accounts of various influencers, some of which you should follow while others might be better to avoid.

Metaphorically speaking, most celebrities swim in money. So, 99.9% of the time they have personal chefs. Additionally, there are also in-house gyms and personal trainers. And, let’s not get into plastic surgeries…

We would all look super fit if we had that amount of money by our hands. Therefore, we should not compare our physical appearance to anyone, let alone with celebrities. 

Healthy Food for a Party at Home

There is this misconception among young people that because they are young they have a pass when eating junk food. While it is true to some extent, already in our twenties if we do not start to eat healthier, junk food starts to affect our physical appearance and health. 

We should seriously take into account what we eat on a daily basis. Adolescence is a period of time where our health can very quickly start to deteriorate without even realizing it. During that time we tend to go out and party as often as possible.

But, when we are at home we can make at least as crazy a party and only for the people we like. Fresh food delivery can bring us tasty snacks, Spotify can bring us music, and companies like Evolution can even turn our home into a gaming casino if we so wish.

Of course, what do we do after a crazy party? We eat. Specifically junk food. While there is really no point in taking that little guilty pleasure away from us, what we can do is, when we are throwing a party at home, try to serve healthier food. 

Instead of pizza, burgers, and sweets, you can serve roasted meats and various salads that will be equally tasty but healthier. 


Sweets like pie, cakes, and pancakes you can replace with healthy peanut butter balls, goat cheese cheesecake bites, and chocolate hummus. 

Whatever healthy junk food dupes you make, your guests will be satisfied and your body will be grateful. 

Health is no Longer Our Priority

Let’s preface this by saying that the harsh reality is that the vast majority of people don’t have time or the money to eat healthy all the time. That’s because in today’s world we are all job-oriented. 

The fact is that we ate a lot healthier food in the past than we do now. But, that’s because in every household there was either a housewife or grandparents who made us food and we didn’t have to worry about that. 

Today we all rely heavily on fast food and delivery and we can’t imagine the world without it. For many, it is scary to think about how we would live if the whole fast food industry stopped working.

Nonetheless, that’s not happening any time soon, so we need to learn to prioritize healthy food over junk food. We have become way too ruthless towards our bodies.

Our body is our temple so if we don’t take care of it no one else will and later in life, we will end up with severe health issues. 


Change Your Unhealthy Habits

There is this misconception that healthy food is not tasty and edible. Healthy food doesn’t just contain greens, for God’s sake, we are not rabbits. We have a bad habit of making excuses and we really should put an end to it.

Thanks to the internet, a single click separates us from starting our health journey. There are hundreds of thousands of healthy recipes available online. So not knowing how to make healthier food is not a valid excuse.  

Generally, healthier foods do not take long to prepare than unhealthy ones. Also, money is not such an important factor anymore since there are plenty of affordable ingredients that won’t hurt your pocket. 

One thing that is tricky about making food is time. If it’s possible try to prioritize a healthy diet in your daily life. 

Finally, a shift to a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be made abruptly. Day by day, little by little, you start replacing bad food with good. And, you will notice very soon that you are more productive, active, and healthier than ever before.