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4 Ways To Dress For Business Casual In The Summer

4 Ways To Dress For Business Casual In The Summer

Published by Programme B

Summer is a favorite time of year for most. While you might want to use this time to unwind and rejuvenate, sometimes, duty calls, and you have to attend to work-related tasks. 

Many women find it slightly challenging to dress in business casual in the summer heat. Still, it might be done for professional reasons. Here are four suggestions to help you dress for work and not melt under the sweltering heat. 

Stick to the Basics

Irrespective of the season, several style staples help you look your best year-round. A good pair of slimming pants is one. 

You can get these in a range of colors to suit your personality. But that’s not all; slimming pants help hold you in at the waist and things to give you a slimmer silhouette. If you didn’t workout for that summer body, you can get a temporary tummy tuck with these. 

You can pair these up with a light, airy blouse for work and accessorize after work to transition from day to night. 

Add a Splash Of Color

Summer is all about color. This is when we see all the bold, vibrant colors are out on display in line with the summer mood. 

You do not have to shy away from color at work. Granted, you cannot have the retro color blocking look at work. But this does not mean you have to look drab either. 

Pick one vibrant-colored item for each look, and then work around it with less vibrant colors. This gives you the best of both worlds. 


Nothing quite says business like a blazer. But a blazer during the summer? We say yes. 

Like other clothing, blazers come in different cuts, fabrics, and textures. Summer blazers need to be as light as possible to help you keep cool. This aside, you can go for a sleeveless blazer or elbow-length sleeves to ensure you do not get too hot. 

Paired with a super light, airy tip, you can have this look and go about your business comfortably. 


Midi skirts are a great option as they straddle both worlds. They can look and feel summerish yet be long enough for a professional setting. 

Again, mind the fabric these are made from so that they are not too heavy for the weather. With a svelte heel, you can get away with a mid-skirt and a formal blouse or shirt. You can also go for a cotton sleeveless vest underneath and a short-sleeved light jacket to cover up. 

Creativity Is Key

Working throughout summer need not dampen your mood. These styles are easy to play around with to get perfect professional summer looks. 

If you want to mix work and play, all that’s needed is some playful accessories to dress down and jazzy up the daytime business casual looks. 

Photo by Sinitta Leunen from Pexels