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Our 4 Good Addresses of The Week

Our 4 Good Addresses of The Week

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Montreal has it all: culture, community, and character. These help give the city quiet the presence and reputation.

Still, different parts of Montreal can be starkly different; each neighborhood has its own unique charm and pull. You also find all you need here. Whether you need a world-class furniture store in Montreal or an excellent health care system, its all here.

If you are looking for the citys best neighborhoods, you have come to the right place. Here are four good addresses of the week.

1. Villa Marie

Villa Marie is considered as downtown Montreal including the main commercial streets and the central business district.

This neighborhood also encompasses Mount Royal park and two islands; Ile Notre Dame and St. Helens Island. This also happens to be Canada’s second-largest city. Like any other city of this stature, Villa Marie is a cosmopolitan city with skyscrapers and a population that swells every day.

2. Old Montreal

The old Port of Montreal is where the city of Montreal sat originally. Today, the city has gorgeous pedestrianized picturesque streets.

During summer, the river banks teem with tourists shopping for souvenirs and exploring the ancient buildings, including the Notre Dame Basilica that is almost 200 years old.

Unfortunately, with this beauty, history, culture, and architecture, the rents can get steep. Amenities are also few and far between. While families might not love it here, young professionals seem perfectly suited for Old Montreal.

3. Villeray

This is one for families with younger kids. Villeray is an ambient neighborhood that’s quickly become popular with families.

One of the main attractions is Jarry Park. This park is a favorite for both residents and visitors, with its kiddy and dog parks, public pool, sports field, fountain, and other features.

The quality of life here is desirable as well, as you have communal veggie gardens and residential streets with lovely flowered front yards.

4. Little Italy

The best tastes, sounds, and cultures from the old country are alive and well in Little Italy.

Little Italy’s focal point is the Jean-Talon Market, a vibrant farmers market where you can find Canadas best and freshest produce all year round. This makes Little Italy a hit with foodies and people looking to immerse themselves in authentic Canadian cultures.

Its other selling point is that rents are relatively cheaper than other parts of Montreal. This makes it great for newcomers and young professions yet to start making the big bucks.

Where Is The Best Place To Live In Montreal?

Even with this brief list, its not hard to tell that Montreal has wildly divergent neighborhoods. You are unlikely to find something that matched your lifestyle, budget, budget, and family model.

Photo by Offsyz from Pexels