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7 Effective Ways To Add Shabby Chic Vibes To Your Home

7 Effective Ways To Add Shabby Chic Vibes To Your Home

Published by Programme B

When it comes to timeless style that is both distinctive and individualised, then shabby chic is the way to go. Whether you are looking to find some great neglected antiques that will add to the look you are aiming for or whether you have an eye for style and design and aim to create your own shabby chic furniture from pieces that you pick up at car boot sales and charity shops, shabby chic is a look that anyone can create with ease. The soft fabrics and pastel hues make a room welcoming and homely and remind people of the beauty and natural elements of life. As you get ready to dive into the style, we take a look at 7 effective ways to add shabby chicK vibes to your home. 

  1. Pastel colours

When it comes to soft furnishings and paint, shabby chic is characterised by pastel colours that offer a soft and welcoming finish to a room. Pinks and lavenders work well and these are often easy to pick out in vintage accessories that carry a floral pattern. Cushion covers and throws are a great way to add colour to a room. Fabric that carries a pastel colour will not only make the room look welcoming but will also help to create the relaxing vibes that are associated with shabby chic.

2. Vintage accessories

Whether it is a bowl on an occasional table, a picture frame or a light fixing, when it comes to shabby chic, vintage is always the way to go. Think about the ornaments that your granny had on display – delicate vases and jugs that you dared to go near for fear of hearing that stomach-churning crash – those pieces are exactly what you’re looking for. If you have some pieces already in the family (they don’t need to be heirlooms or be worth a great deal of money) then these could work really well with your shabby chic design. 

3. Have a go yourself

Given that shabby chic is about showing the love to things that are seen by others to be a little past their best, it can be fun and easy to have a go at creating some bespoke pieces yourself. If you are skilled with a needle and thread, then you could make your own cushion covers or curtains. If a pot of paint and a piece of sandpaper is more your thing, then you could grab yourself a small piece of furniture to play around with. The more you look at pieces and experiment on your own, the more distinctive and successful your style will become. 

4. Keep it real

When it comes to fabrics, you should opt for linen and cotton as they are natural fabrics that lend themselves well to the shabby chic look. Go for natural colours such as light soft browns and pastel greens. 

5. Embrace the creases

Don’t iron cushion covers or thin throws as the creases and signs of life being lived in the room all add to the shabby chic vibes you are looking to create. 

6. Layer up

To avoid the look becoming too flat and lifeless, be sure to layer up when it comes to throws and other accessories. 

7. Be imperfect

Ultimately, shabby chic is about reclaiming the natural and lived-in look that the 1980s tried to shun with opulence and decadence. Don’t go over the top with storage, and certainly don’t aim for ordered symmetry in the room. Shabby chic should be well-planned, but not look like it is!

Photo by Sami Abdullah from Pexels