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Things to Keep in Mind Before Selling Cannabis

Things to Keep in Mind Before Selling Cannabis

Published by Allen Brown

Cannabis, everyone knows what it is. Even with its popularity, there are still many misconceptions about the term. Cannabis or its scientific name Cannabis sativa is the type of weed (marijuana as one more common name) that does not contain THC (TetraHydroCannabinol). THC, which you might have heard of already, is the psychoactive component of weed.

Even without the most wanted component of weed, cannabis is still very popular. Cannabis has many unique medicinal properties. These properties are recognized not only by their users but also by the scientific community. Selling cannabis is a very good business opportunity. If done correctly, not only will you earn good cash, you will also help out many people. 

Knowing how much to grow and how much to sell

Selling cannabis is not some small-scale operation. This is not something that you can grow on your desk. First off, you need to be precise. Knowing the terminology used commonly to describe Weed measurements is very important and luckily for you, it is very easy to get a grasp of it. People usually use the metric and the imperial system to describe how much weed they are selling or buying so having a useful converting chart will come a long way.

The right amount of land you need to grow

Now that you know how much cannabis is usually sold and at what price to expect it, you can start planning further. You can either rent a place on a farm, or you can buy the land. Look at your starting capital first before choosing what suits you the best. It is usually better to start first by renting some fertile land. If you live near the equator you can be just fine with just land. But if you live further, you need to seek some land in a greenhouse.

You can grow approximately 100 plants per 1 square meter. Do not forget that not all the land on which you grow will be covered by cannabis. You need to plan ahead for making walkable pathways. The cannabis is not going to tend and be harvested by itself and you need to reach it. Take all of these pieces of information into consideration when calculating how much land you need.

Scaling up is not that simple

It is important to know when scaling up that it does not mean just getting bigger. It comes with a new set of problems that you need to solve. Watch out for diseases and pests. These pesky problems are more easily caught when you have a larger cannabis plantation. Water management and getting more fertilizers will also cost you more.

All the above-mentioned problems are why more and more cannabis growers are investing in vertical farming. This type of farming is super eco-friendly. Vertical farming will save you a lot of expenses that otherwise would go to land and water. The only downside is that the electricity bills will grow a bit. That does not need to be the problem if you choose to power your vertical farm with solar panels, which will make your business even more eco-friendly.

Make your business into a good brand

There are many cannabis sellers out there, and many more will catch up with this lucrative trend. When you start selling, you need to establish some regular customers. By being polite, responsive, and patient with your customers, they will start to notice it. Establishing a homey environment will keep the customers coming back to buy more cannabis.

Opening up social media accounts is a good method of establishing your brand. Not only that, you will be able to reach a bigger audience and more customers. It will also become much easier to communicate with your customers. Share your products and make sure that your beliefs are known. For example, making a statement about being eco-friendly will boost your brand image a lot.

Getting some merch

A good way of establishing a brand is by having other goodies besides the main products. Get some lighters and ashtrays with your brand name and logo on them. These are really iconic and everyone uses them. It will help spread the word around. T-shirts and caps are also really popular.  You can give them away at first and start selling them later.

Using the whole plant

Many sellers once they sell the leaves discard the rest of the plant. By doing this you are missing out on really big profits. The rest of the cannabis plant can be used for many things. It is easy to make sure you are using the whole plant, especially if you are using very specific methods of preparing the cannabis, like the lyophilization process. This is essentially freeze-drying the plant which will bring out a stronger flavour by extracting all of the moisture efficiently from various substances via sublimation. This uses more of the plant, and will in the end bring you more profit as you will be able to sell more from the yield.

Selling the seeds

Seeds have many useful components which are quite valuable. They are very rich in protein. Many scientific articles have proven that hemp seed proteins are very nutritious. These proteins are sold as supplements to vegan diets. Not only that, they are used as a healthy source of sulfur-rich amino acids. You can’t sell the whole seeds, though. 

You first need to establish a small laboratory for the extraction of these proteins, but that is not difficult, and it will bring you profits. Proteins are not the only valuable components in seeds. The seeds are rich in the good oils used in commercial CBD oils. You can sell these seeds to CBD oil vendors and they will extract it.

Selling the stems

Stems of cannabis plants are rich in cellulose. This cellulose is not only abundant but is also easy to get to. In other words, it is much easier to extract it. That means that it is a more eco-friendly way of getting cellulose compared to most modern methods. 

With the growing demand for eco-friendly cellulose, this material is becoming more precious by the day. You can extract the cellulose yourself. But it is better to sell it because the method is a bit more tedious. Many companies will buy it and use cellulose for making hemp products. These are very popular, and many companies run just by selling them.

Selling cannabis is growing more popular each day as the legalization process is progressing. There are many useful tips that can help you sell cannabis very successfully. Knowing the terminology is important. How much land you need and what type of land you need is crucial. Scaling up will bring you more profit, but it will bring some other things that you need to think about. 

Branding will help you get more customers, and it will help you keep them. People attach to the brand as much, and sometimes more, than they do to the product itself. Be smart about using the whole plant. There is much more to cannabis than just the leaves.