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3 Reasons To Sealcoat Your Driveway This Fall

3 Reasons To Sealcoat Your Driveway This Fall

Published by Programme B

The maintenance of your home’s asphalt is integral to keeping its property value consistent over the years. No doubt, as a homeowner you want your dwelling to look comfortable and cared for – if it’s not aesthetically pleasing, you’re likely dragging down the property value of not just your home, but the homes of your neighbours. 

Asphalt isn’t just a matter of looks, however. It helps to keep you safe and stable in your day-to-day life. If you have a car and make use of your asphalt for parking, then you know precisely how significant that small stroll from your door to your car can be across the different seasons.

Given that asphalt can begin to deteriorate as soon as it’s laid down, it’s important to consider sealcoating your asphalt to make things easier on yourself as a homeowner. Here are a few reasons why you might investigate doing so this autumn, when the weather begins to shift.

1. Sealcoating Is an Investment

Sealcoating is a high-calibre, durable material that protects your asphalt driveway from the elements. It creates a barrier between your property and things like water, snow, and even the harsh rays of the sun.  In addition to protection from natural, environmental contingencies, sealcoating can effectively stave off the damage from things like:

  • Antifreeze
  • Oil spills
  • Gasoline

Each of these substances can cause severe damage to asphalt if left unaccounted for. 

Sealcoating is effective because companies that specialize in this service use high-quality products. If you’re looking for Ottawa driveway repair you might consider a contractor who makes use of oil or tar-based products like Blackmac Emulsion Sealer or a similarly reliable brand.  

Ultimately, sealcoating is an investment if you hope to keep your property in good shape, lest it lose value in the real estate market. 

2. Winter Is Coming

If you didn’t already splurge and sealcoat your asphalt in preparation for summer and the UV damage it can bring, you best get on it before the snow arrives. 

Winter is one of the most difficult seasons when it comes to asphalt maintenance because there are so many extreme factors to account for. First, there’s the cold itself; asphalt can crack more easily under these severely cold atmospheric conditions. the air begins to crispen and dry. Adding dampness to the mix by way of snow and sleet doesn’t help either. 

When water seeps underneath it during the freeze-thaw cycle, the consequences may be devastating – huge fractures, giant potholes, and alligator cracking. Timely check-ups and repairs will save you more money in the long run.

Finally, in order to prevent sleet and snow from freezing over, we constantly pour salts on our driveways. Our asphalt then becomes damaged by the mechanisms we put in place to protect ourselves. Salt keeps us safe enough to walk across the surface to get to our car, but the cost of this process is astoundingly large when we consider the science of asphalt itself. 

Suffice it to say, if you haven’t already seal coated your asphalt, fall is the time to do it. 

3. Sealcoating Makes Maintenance a Breeze 

In the same way that dap-boards on a brand-new house must be painted in order to seal in and protect the structure, sealcoating asphalt will give your driveway a much longer lifespan. Even compromised asphalt that is sealed without repair will give it just enough elasticity and adhesiveness to seal out the damp conditions as well as the oxidizing impact of sunlight, petroleum leakages, and salts. 

A reliable sealcoating is an investment that lasts for ages, as it allows the asphalt to stay in tip-top shape so you won’t have to worry much about losing time sealing and resealing over and over again.

A contractor that’s been in the business for two decades boasts testimonials from residential and commercial clients, offers a free consultation, and stands behind their work is likely to be a good choice. If you haven’t already taken care of this essential process, autumn is the time to do so.