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Great Products That Support Organizations You Should Care About

Great Products That Support Organizations You Should Care About

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Sustainable, eco-friendly and fair-trade products are all the rage these days, and for good reason. These items are great for both you and the planet, not to mention the billions of other people around the world. Many also support organizations and initiatives actively working to make the Earth a better place. 


Here are just a few such products and how purchasing them can make a huge difference for both you and others. 

1. Honey-Infused Hand Cream 

If you love all-natural skin-care products that help both humans and nature, honey-infused hand cream is where it’s at. Beelove’s line of moisturizers, balms and scrubs contain real honey from five bee farms throughout the greater Chicago area. The business also hires former inmates and trains them to be beekeepers so they can more easily reintegrate into society. Since its launch, Beelove has hired nearly 500 workers and less than 4% of them have returned to prison. 

2. Sustainable Suds and Scrubs

Palm oil production wreaks havoc on the environment and toxic phthalates can negatively affect your health. Yet, both ingredients routinely end up in personal care products like soap and lotion. Luckily, Hand in Hand offers sustainable alternatives that are cruelty-free, vegan, and free of these harmful chemicals. The company also donates a bar of soap and clean water to a child in need for each product you purchase. So far, Hand in Hand has donated more than 13 million bars to kids in 23 countries.  

3. Beza Threads Scarf

More than 40 million people live in slavery throughout the world, but Beza Threads is on a mission to change that. This company sells leather products and handmade scarves to rescue women and children caught in the sex slave trade and sweatshops in Ethiopia. Ninety percent of every purchase goes towards freeing and training former slaves so they can become rescuers too. Do good — and look great — when you purchase a scarf or bag from Beza Threads. 

4. Warby Parker Sunglasses 

Need a new pair of sunglasses? Warby Parker’s got your back. Shop dozens of stylish frames and enjoy free virtual try-ons to find your perfect pair. The best part is your purchase also provides someone in need with a pair of glasses. The Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program also offers vocational training to low-income men and women so they can administer eye exams and sell glasses at more affordable prices. So far, Warby Parker’s impact has reached more than 50 countries. 

5. Bag of Alpha Coffee

Many Americans enjoy sending care packages to military servicemen and women. However, if you want to put some pep in their step and a smile on their face, you should purchase and donate a bag of Alpha coffee. With roasts like Dawn Patrol, Smooth Operator and Task Force Victory, these premium beans were made for warriors. Order a bag for yourself and donate to Alpha Coffee’s Coffee for Troops program to donate one to a service member in need of an energy boost. 

6. Probiotic Peanut Butter 

Improve gut health and give your immune system a much-needed boost with probiotic peanut butter. Good Spread’s collection includes four organic flavors, all of which are magically delicious and velvety smooth. Plus, when you purchase a jar, Good Spread will also send a treatment of fortified peanut butter to a malnourished child. Use the code on your jar to track your impact and see where this life saving aid ends up.

7. Chocolate Nut Butter Bombs 

Get your chocolate fix and help save the planet with Alter Eco’s clean, green nut butter bombs. These delicious morsels contain high-quality, organic ingredients that come from small-scale, fair trade farmers. The company also uses compostable, recyclable packaging and offsets emissions by planting, protecting and restoring forests. Regenerative agriculture combats inequality and climate change as well so you never have to feel bad about enjoying some cacao. 

8. SmartyPants Vitamins 

Roughly 17 million children experience food insecurity and fail to receive essential nutrients, but SmartyPants Vitamins is on a mission to change that. This company started making multifunctional supplements 10 years ago and has since expanded their portfolio to include custom-tailored supplements. The best part? For every bottle of vitamins sold, SmartyPants will make a one-for-one nutrient grant to Vitamin Angels. This partnership delivers life-saving vitamins to more than 70 million women and children at risk of malnutrition. 

Voting with Dollars

As the holiday season approaches, make a conscious effort to spend money with brands that support the less fortunate and sustain the planet. Use your dollars to vote for love, justice and good health. Even just a few dollars can make a life-changing difference for someone in need, so make a list, check it twice and get shopping!

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels