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What Are The Best Windows to Install in Winnipeg?

What Are The Best Windows to Install in Winnipeg?

Published by Programme B

Do you want to install new windows for your house in Winnipeg? That would be a smart decision since a window upgrade not only brings you additional comfort and peace of mind but also boosts the value of your house!

As a homeowner, you have many available window styles to go with. But how do you choose the right one? Our team has contacted experts from Ecoline, and after researching their materials about sliding windows in Winnipeg, we have concluded that these units are the most popular option for homeowners. Curious why? Want to know everything in detail? Keep reading!

Why do Winnipeg homeowners prefer installing sliders?

Sliding windows are units that glide along the track and are super easy to operate. Many Canadians adore this window style and often choose it for their homes when doing renovations. There are many benefits to underline when picking sliders, but most Winnipeggers claim that they love gliders because of:

  • Space. These units do not occupy much space, compared to casements, for example, that should be opened outward (or inward) requiring additional space.
  • Unobstructed view. Many places in Winnipeg are super beautiful (especially in winter), so many homeowners like to observe great views outside through a huge glass area with no check rails.
  • Ease of operation. Sliders do not require any considerable effort to be open or close; they are safe for kids and bring additional comfort for older people.
  • Increased house value. New sliders boost your house value; hence, new units will only add to the final price if you want to sell your property.

Of course, sliders have some drawbacks as well. For example, they are not as energy-efficient as casement windows. And this plays a huge role in Winnipeg because of its harsh winters. However, this issue might be easily fixed by installing triple glazing for your Energy Star-rated new gliders.

What to look for when purchasing new sliders?

Undoubtedly, sliding windows are great and will bring many benefits and comfort to your space, but how to make sure you pick and purchase the best units? That’s easy. Just try to keep in mind the following points:

  • Make sure to ask your window company to show you the samples and explain everything about your new units in detail;
  • Go only with Energy-Star rated products to get the maximum energy efficiency and comply with the industry standards;
  • Choose vinyl frames. It is the middle ground – reasonably priced, requires little to no maintenance and provides exceptional thermal performance;
  • Install triple glazing. Winters in Winnipeg might be harsh, and sliders are not the best windows when it comes to energy conservation. So make sure you have your new sliders equipped with triple glazing to get maximum comfort.

Sliding vs Casement vs Hung Windows – What’s Better?

While you can go with sliders as your new windows, you can also consider other alternatives that are also great and have their own pros. There is no definite answer to what window style is king since they all work best under different circumstances.

Choose sliders if you want:

  • Great view outside
  • Easy cleaning and operation
  • Optimal ventilation

Go with casement windows if you need:

  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Classic look
  • Additional safety

Hung windows are your choice if you want:

  • Traditional units to complement your design
  • To install vertically operated windows 
  • Good ventilation

What about prices?

We know that many Winnipeggers always look at the price tag first when choosing and buying new windows. Probably like all people do. But getting new windows can’t be a cheap endeavor. Treat this as a long-term investment. And, finally, to provide you with a bigger picture, look at the table below representing the most popular window styles with their approximate prices in Winnipeg. 


Awning, $ Casement, $ Hung, $ Slider, $
Winnipeg 418 – 1464 477 – 1614 482 – 1930 408 – 2215




The Final Thoughts

Sliding windows are perfect for many homeowners living in Winnipeg. These units have many advantages, and installing them will bring you additional comfort and the increased value of your house. But if you are still not sure whether sliders are your go-to option, we recommend consulting with a reliable window company about what works best for your project and what the alternatives are. 

Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels