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What is vape and how does it work?

What is vape and how does it work?

Published by Programme B

Vaping is breathing in and breathing out fumes delivered by an electronic device. A vape is a battery-operated electronic smoking device. There is a liquid containing cartridges in a vape that contains nicotine, various flavors, and chemicals. When the user inhales, the liquid turns into vapors. 

How common is vaping now?

Vaping is without any doubt extremely normal nowadays, and regardless of whether somebody doesn’t vape consistently, they can still get addicted to it. Since their introduction around 2003, the consumption of vape or e-cigarette has increased rapidly. According to reports, there were nearly 7 million vape users in 2011, and that number grew to 41 million in 2018. It is predicted that by the end of 2021, this number will exceed 55 million.

The pros and cons of vaping:

Everything enjoys a few benefits and inconveniences, so here are a few advantages and drawbacks of vaping.


  1. It is comparatively safer than smoking as there is no combustion, there is no smoke, tar, or carbon monoxide in vaping so according to Public Health England (PHE) or vape UK is almost 95% safer than smoking. 
  2. The other advantage is that vaping is smell-free. Since there is no smoke while vaping, there is no peculiar smell. The smell is almost insignificant, while on the other hand smoking cigarettes is the opposite.
  3. Vaping allows you to completely control your nicotine intake. There are different types of vaping liquids, some with 0% nicotine content, some with 50%, and some with 100%.
  4. Vaping gives you complete control over the vapor, and you can easily adjust the number of vapors to inhale and exhale.
  5. Vaping products are now easily available. There are many vape shops and stores, and you can also find quality and reasonable products online.


  1. The most common side effects of vaping include coughing, Dry mouth, Shortness of breath, Mouth and throat irritation, and last but not least Headache.
  2. To a new user, it’s hard to find a good vaping product because there are so many choices.
  3. Vaping is habit-forming. Certain people begin smoking vaping because they need to stop smoking. Although it is less dangerous, they are still addictive.
  4. Vaping products are more expensive than smoking products. Everyone cannot easily afford them.
  5. It is difficult to find out the truth about vaping. It damages the mental health of kids and adults. 
  6. It slows down brain development and causes memory loss.
  7. Through vaping, nicotine is inserted into the human body. It may cause serious lung problems.

The choice is yours alone. Although vaping is safer than smoking it’s still unsafe. The use of nicotine-containing products is dangerous for teenagers, pregnant women, and fetuses. It is not safe for teenagers to use nicotine-containing products in any form, including vapes or e-cigarettes. It can also lead them to others. Vaping is expensive too. So, it may lead the young generation to crime once they are addicted to vaping. So, it is not safe.