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Published by Programme B

Grocery shopping is something most adults look forward to at the beginning of the month. Going into the local supermarket and picking out supplies for the month ahead has a unique charm. 

However, getting to a grocery store becomes more of an extreme sport and less of a leisurely family activity with the Canadian cold setting in.

During the Christmas season, the weather goes into minus, the traffic’s terrible, roads are jammed and slippery, stores are crowded with people buying gifts and stocking up on grocery items. 

Moreover, since we don’t know whether COVID-19 is coming or going, shopping outdoors and in crowded places is questionable. 

Did you know, more than 2,500 COVID-19 cases were reported in November 2021, and more than 40 percent of the Canadian population used online grocery platforms as means of getting groceries? 

These stats are enough to conclude that you should plan grocery shopping, so it is quick, easy, and more efficient. 

This article will do just that. You may think that grocery shopping is a fairly standard process but read on further to find out what you’re doing wrong. 

Here are four ways to streamline the process and make it easier. 

Shop online instead

With Edmonton beginning to freeze, now would be the time to do your shopping online. With the pandemic’s future still uncertain, it’s best to avoid public spaces and shop from home whenever you get the chance. 

When shopping online, you’ll have lots of places offering discounts and packages. But, you will need a one-stop solution to get everything you need to avoid running back and forth. 

Remember, you have to be efficient when shopping online, so it would be best to consider SPUD for your grocery needs. 

All you need to do is click here to see SPUD’s Edmonton grocery delivery area and fill your cart with monthly groceries. This is your chance to enjoy effortless grocery shopping in your local Alberta area.

With online grocery shopping, you can stay indoors and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa while clicking away at items you need. You can have all your monthly, weekly, or daily groceries delivered to you whenever you want.

It may seem far-fetched but avoiding roads means you’re less likely to get into any altercations or rush hour traffic, especially during the winters, so stay home and get your stuff delivered to you. 

Pay attention to sales

It would be best to focus and pay attention to sales whenever you spot good deals. Even if you don’t need something now, you may want to take advantage of the sale and buy the product rather than wait for the prices to go higher. 

You can always store stuff you don’t need for later. Saving isn’t an in-the-moment thing; instead, it is a continuous process and one that spans over a certain period. If you’re looking to cut costs in one trip and spend on another, there’s something you aren’t doing right. 

An excellent idea would be to follow your favorite grocery stores on social media to see retailers advertise their sales. 

Necessities first, wants second

When shopping, it would be best to take it slow and steady. This way, you strike everything on the priority list off and focus on the wants second. This may seem like a bit of a hassle (and it might be), but it’s generally a much more efficient way of grocery shopping. 

Here’s how you should go about it. Create the main list with all the essentials, nothing too fancy, just the things you need. After that, keep a budget in mind and slowly start working towards it. Keep a calculator on hand and walk around the supermarket adding the prices up. 

This way, you will stay on a realistic budget without going overboard and walk away feeling less guilty after your shopping escapades. 

Budget and priority are two of the most important aspects of shopping. Make sure you keep these things in mind before going grocery shopping this weekend. 

Opt for cheaper alternatives

Looking for cheaper alternatives is one of the oldest and most commonly followed ways of keeping your budget low when grocery shopping. 

As mentioned earlier, budgeting is one of the most critical aspects of the entire process, but that doesn’t mean buying low-quality stuff. If you see the same row of products at varying prices, spend a little more time researching the options before choosing a cheaper one. 

This trick works with less essential items, not high-quality things with few substitutes. Try not to use this technique for quality products like chocolate, cereal, or other things that you consume somewhat regularly. 


There we have it, some of the best ways to make your grocery shopping simpler and more efficient by going over everything from online shopping to opting for cheaper alternatives. 

It would be best to follow these tips and focus on whichever ones suit you best. Understandably, all these tips might not be for you, so pick and choose which ones work best. 

With Christmas now less than a month away, it’ll be a good idea to get your shopping done sooner before prices go up.