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The Growing Popularity of Teeth Whitening Treatments

The Growing Popularity of Teeth Whitening Treatments

Published by Programme B

Cosmetic dentistry has been thrust into the spotlight over the last handful of years.  The practice covers most of the treatments that help make your smile look good, including everything from veneers (think celebrity smiles), to crowns and teeth whitening.  

 They say a nice smile can take you a long way, helping open doors in your career, making you stand out in a crowd, and generally coming across as magnetic to the people you interact with.  Whether all that is true or not, there is something to be said for a smile full of straight and dazzling teeth.  Regardless, people everywhere have become concerned with how their smile looks and are seeking out ways to elevate it to the next level.  

Dentists across Canada have noticed an uptick in the amount and frequency of cosmetic appointment bookings they are receiving, and we’ve speculated that a few societal shifts are playing a large role in the increase.

The health first movement

Gyms are full, yoga classes are happening everywhere, and healthy eating has taken the seat at the head of the dinner table.  It does not just exercise and diet that are the main focuses either, but oral health care as well.   One reason is that a nice smile and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand because that youthful energetic look would really be spoiled by misshapen and discolored teeth.  

Luckily, cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening can be had for cheap, either at your dentist or by using one of the many at home-treatment options you can find at the pharmacy.  The DIY methods work quite well and are cheaper, but they also take longer, are riskier in terms of damaging the enamel of your teeth and the results won’t be on the level of those from professional whitening.

Whichever whitening method you choose, it should be followed up with a healthy lifestyle (diet especially) and a thorough oral hygiene routine.  No sense in going through the effort of getting a bright smile just to let it get discolored again quickly.  

This professional dentist in Charlotte also adds that you consult your dentist first before choosing a teeth whitening treatment. They know better and they actually can provide an at-home teeth whitening kit too

Social media, role models, and fame

Another reason that cosmetic dentistry treatments are popular is the emphasis we put on social media outlets like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.  Would you be excited to show pictures of yourself with a drab smile?  You might be fine with it, but we’d wager that you’d rather display a set of brilliant pearly whites instead.  This is especially true for the younger generation or for anyone making a living (or trying to) as a social media influencer.  Similarly to how Hollywood stars are almost “required” to have a perfect smile, popularity on social media is often a superficial endeavor and anything to help “the look” is a great thing.  

To that end, teens that are growing up confronted with the onslaught of social media are likely to pick their role models from that pool.  There are always athletes as well but even they mostly have “perfect” teeth.  Now don’t mistake this as a bad thing because it’s not – anything that makes someone want to look their best and take care of their health is probably good.

Cosmetic advancements in modern dentistry

Yes, everyone wants to be and appear healthy.  Likewise, they want to fit in and be popular, but these factors aren’t the only thing driving the increase in cosmetic dentistry.  The dental industry itself is continually evolving its treatment methods.  Something as simple as whitening your teeth wasn’t so easy (or inexpensive) even 5 years ago.  As technology gets better, treatments get cheaper and as you see when you walk the aisles of your local drugstore, more readily available. 

Many people who wouldn’t have considered teeth whitening are now having their heads turned simply by how easy it is to do – dentists and Instagram followers rejoice!

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