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10 Thoughtful Gifts to Your Mom Friends This Holiday Season

10 Thoughtful Gifts to Your Mom Friends This Holiday Season

Published by Programme B

The holiday season is almost upon us, but we’re swiftly running out of time to make sure that we can secure gifts for everyone on our lists. If you’re still struggling to find some gift ideas for your mom friends, here are some of our favorites that we’ve come across in our desperate last-minute searches. 

1. Pad and Tampon Holder

The only thing worse than having your period sneak up on you is finding out that you’re far from home and your period supplies, and the only tampon you have has spent far too much time in the bottom of your purse. This super-cute pad and tampon holder comes in a variety of different colors, holds three tampons as well as a couple of pads or panty liners, and keeps them protected even if they’re rolling around in the bottom of your purse.

2. Tiny Desktop Toolkit

If you have an office, you’ve probably got plenty of office supplies. If you work from home, or spend a lot of time moving from one co-working space to another, you might find yourself begging for a paperclip or a strip of tape. This adorable desktop toolkit has everything you need — staples, taple, scissors, paperclips, and even pushpins — in a compact container that’s easy to take on the go.

3. Instamax Mini Camera

Cellphone cameras are great, but sometimes we just miss the tactile feel of a photo in our hands. The Instamax Mini Camera gives you all the fun of a polaroid camera while also capturing your images digitally. Gift one to your favorite mom along with a couple of print refills and see what they come up with. 

4. Rainbow Mama Dangle Earrings

If the bags under her eyes, messy bun and exhausted expression didn’t tell you that she’s a mom, then these fun Mama dangle earrings definitely will. Pick her favorite color combo and treat her to a bit of sparkle that will bring a smile to everyone’s face. 

5. Shakespearean Insult Bandages

“Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?” 

“No, but I bite my thumb, sir!”


Dad’s have their Dad jokes, so what does Mom have? These Shakesperean Insult Bandages are a great conversation starter and can get a chuckle out of anyone who might have a papercut or a skinned knee. Drag these out whenever anyone does something stupid enough to be worthy of a Shakespearean tragedy. 

6. Coffee. All the Coffee.

Caffeine is life. What mom doesn’t want a lifetime supply of their favorite coffee or other caffeinated beverage. While most of us can’t afford that kind of purchase, you can treat her to a few months of a coffee subscription so she’s got everything that she needs to find her new favorite cup of joe. If she’s not a coffee drinker, consider a tea or hot chocolate subscription box instead. 

7. Custom Coffee Mug

With all that perfect coffee or tea, Mom needs the perfect mug to drink it from. Create a custom mug or her with her name, pictures, or any number of different details that will mark it as uniquely hers. Make sure you order soon though — custom orders always take a bit longer to complete, so if you want to make sure it arrives by Christmas, don’t wait too much longer. 

8. Mani-Pedi Gift Certificate

Who doesn’t love a mani-pedi that they don’t have to pay for themselves? This is an easy gift, but one that will usually be appreciated by an exhausted mom who needs to treat herself. Head to her favorite salon and pick up a gift certificate. It’s as easy as that. Bonus points if you offer to watch the kids so she can go get her mani-pedi. 

9. A Purse Organizer

Does the bottom of her purse look like a black hole of snacks, makeup, change and other random objects? Why not gift your Mom friend a purse organizer with 11 pockets that she can use to wrangle that mess back into some semblance of order. It also makes it easier to switch between purses without having to spend a lot of time moving each individual item.

10. Wine

What mom doesn’t need wine? Why not gift her a couple of months of a wine subscription box? Opt for a gift card in this case — most wine subscriptions cater to the person’s individual tastes so unless you know how she’d answer a flavor survey, it’s a better idea to let her fill it out herself. From there, the service takes over and will deliver wines directly to her door. If she prefers something a little stronger, there are subscriptions available for her favorite liquor too. 

Finish Your Shopping Soon!

Christmas is nearly here and with as touch-and-go as the shipping industry has been over the last two years, getting your orders in soon will mean the difference between having everything ready for Christmas and hoping that they show up sometime before the new year.

Photo by Rizky Sabriansyah from Pexels