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Homemade Gifts to Give This Year

Homemade Gifts to Give This Year

Published by Programme B

Giving something meaningful for the holidays doesn’t have to be about spending a lot of money — in fact, it doesn’t need to be about spending money at all. It’s the effort and the thought that counts, so why not go all out in a different way this holiday season? By making homemade gifts, you aren’t just giving a little piece of yourself, but you’re also working hard to show the other person that you care. If you’re on the hunt for some great homemade gift ideas that you can try out this season, you’re in luck, because there are plenty to choose from. Here are just a few ideas.

1.Christmas Cookies 

This is one of the simplest and sweetest options, and it’s perfect for the season. Whether you have a cookie day every year or you are simply in a baking mood, you can pick a recipe or two and get mixing!

2. Homemade Jam

If you are a fan of fruit, canning, jams and other forms of preserves, these can make an extremely thoughtful and delicious gift for almost anyone. These take a little bit to make, so your effort will be clear and appreciated. 

3. Macrame

If you tend to be more of the crafty type than the kitchen type, macrame crafting could be a great option for your crafty gifting. There are so many ways to make unique macrame designs, so you can make something totally original for everyone you know!

4. Knitted Scarf

Whether you like to knit or you are just getting started, knitting a scarf can be a really great labor of love to gift to somebody. People know that knitting takes time, and a scarf is a very useful gift that can consistently remind somebody of you!

5. Baby Blanket

Much like knitting a scarf, knitting somebody a baby blanket can be an amazing gift for someone who is welcoming a little bundle of joy into the world or for that little bundle of joy themself. Baby blankets or something that people keep a whole life long, so you can rest assured that this gift will be cherished.

6. Homemade Scavenger Hunt

If the person you plan to gift to happens to be a bit of a puzzle lover, one great idea is to create a homemade scavenger hunt specifically for them. This can be a super fun activity for the entire family or just for one person. This is a great opportunity to personalize a gift to somebody and make it a bit more interactive.

7. Hot Cocoa Mix

Hot cocoa kits are all the rage when it comes to giving in large groups or four acquaintances. They’re simple enough to put together but they are extremely thoughtful and useful. Think about giving these out to the people in your class or in your office! Any crowd will be sure to appreciate your efforts.

8. Candles

For those who love the DIY lifestyle, you might already know that you can make your very own candles. Whether you’ve made them before or you just want to give them a try, you can make all kinds of candles that you either customize to fragrances that your recipient would love or simply to the holiday at hand!

9. Tea Tree

If you want to give a unique gift to a tea lover, a little tea tree can be a great idea for a bit of cute flair. By using tea bags that they love and some simple crafting supplies, you can make an entirely unique gift that they will love!

10. Sugar Scrub

If you know somebody who loves any and all beauty products — especially of the natural and organic variety — they’ll love receiving a sugar scrub. Not only is this gift useful and fun, but you can totally personalize it to the recipient you’re gifting. Use essential oils in their favorite scents so they can enjoy it even more!

11. Photo Calendar

If you want to include some fun images of you and your loved ones in the gift itself, a photo calendar is a great idea for a gift. You can use some of the best snapshots and also make an extremely useful gift that always helps the person think of you!

12. Pot Holders

One more knitting or crochet project to round out the list — if you want to combine the kitchen gifts with the crafting gifts, this one is totally for you. Pot holders are a cute, unique and useful present that pretty much anyone might find themselves needing at some point or another. They’re cozy, and you can make them fairly quickly.

Homemade Holiday Gifts

There are so many great holiday gifts that you can give without breaking the bank or feeling impersonal. When you make your gifts by hand, not only do you put in a little bit of extra time and effort, but you can make something totally unique that the recipient will cherish forever.

Photo by Lisa from Pexels