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3 Solutions to Dispose of Demolition Debris

3 Solutions to Dispose of Demolition Debris

Published by Programme B

Construction and demolition waste is different from ordinary waste. As such, this cannot be put in a dumpster for the garbage collection to pick up. Not just that, but illegal or incorrect dumping of construction waste can attract fines and even jail time. 

It’s therefore important to know how to manage the waste long before you begin demolition. 

Here are the proper ways to dispose of some of the most common demolition debris. 

1. Landfills

A cost-effective way to deal with brick is to get a construction waste container for rental. These come in different sizes, and you can load up tons of debris at a go to take to a landfill. 

Keep in mind that the rental company will only provide the container. You have to do the loading yourself. 

If you have concrete that’s not too bulky, you can load it up on a pick-up truck for the landfill as well. Be careful not to overload the vehicle as this can strain and cause damage to the car. 

Photo by Alexey Demidov from Pexels

Another solution is to hire a junk disposal service. This works well as the company will handle everything from the loading to the transportation. 

Once you contact a company and get a quote, your mandate ends there, and the company takes over. It’s then upon them to provide the necessary equipment and manpower for the job. 

The main advantage of this is convenience. You will have left the disposal job to professionals who will expectedly do a thorough job, following all protocols and jurisdictional waste management guidelines

3. Give It Away

This sounds strange on the face of it, but it’s actually a means to recycle construction debris. 

One way to do this is by placing a ‘free; sign next to your mound of debris at a construction site. With any luck, it might catch the eye of someone that needs construction material that might take it off your hands.

The second way is to contact a building materials supply company. Some of these have large-scale operations complete with mixers and grinders and can find some use for old concrete. 

One of the benefits of giving away your demolition debris is that it gets taken off your hands for free. Secondly, the debris is collected by someone that will put it to good use. This gives the debris another cycle of life instead of ending up in a landfill. This is great for the environment. 

Plan Ahead

If you are in construction, there will be demolition waste. This is a given. You can get ahead of it and save some time by thinking about disposal in advance. 

These suggestions are an excellent place to start.


Photo by Alexey Demidov from Pexels