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8 Reasons Why Mobile Casino Traffic is on the Rise

8 Reasons Why Mobile Casino Traffic is on the Rise

Published by Programme B


In today’s era of advanced technology, everything is changing. Gone are the days when you could not enjoy playing card games and table games without paying a visit to a casino nearby. Now, you can enjoy any game you want from the comfort of your drawing room. Everything is just a click away and that is why mobile gambling is becoming more and more popular all over the world. That is exactly what we are going to talk about in this article. We will tell you about all the reasons why mobile casinos are experiencing higher traffic these days. 


The main reasons why the popularity of mobile casinos is on the rise are:


The quality of the software is what actually determines how good the games will be. There are some mobile casinos out there that are supported by over 30 different developers at the same time. When it comes to the best games to play in online casinos for real money in Belgium, every developer has something unique to offer. Microgaming is considered to be the pioneer of mobile gambling because it came up with Pub Fruity in 2004 and it was the first mobile slots in the world. Another big brand in the mobile gambling industry is NetEnt which was formerly known as Net Entertainment. 


At the time of mobile gambling, you have to make deposits and withdrawals quite frequently. Every time you conduct a financial transaction, you end up sharing crucial information like your account number, your card number, your password, and so on. These things must remain private at all times. The encryption is able to stop infiltration from hackers and the best type of encryption is Secure Sockets Layer or SSL. When a site has this encryption, you can see ‘HTTPS’ appear on the extreme left of the site’s domain name on the address bar of your browser. 


A license gives players a sense of reassurance because it acts as undeniable proof of legitimacy. The most popular licensing authorities in the mobile gambling industry are the British Gambling Commission, the Maltese Gaming Authority, and the Romanian National Gambling Office. Other internationally recognized bodies are in Alderney, Isle of Man, Curacao, Costa Rica and Gibraltar. When a mobile casino operates with an authorized license, you can hold it accountable in a court of law if you ever encounter any discrepancy. A licensing body thoroughly checks everything that a mobile casino has to offer before granting the license. 


There are some mobile casinos out there that have over 3000 games in their catalog. The casinos accommodate a diverse range of gaming options including roulette, craps, bingo, slots, baccarat, poker as well as blackjack. In fact, some mobile casinos even allow sports betting. Almost every game is equipped with highly defined graphics, vibrant music, bright colors, realistic sounds, exotic themes, and advanced features. Every casino tries to make the player’s gaming experience as enjoyable as possible. Experts suggest that the house edge tends to be relatively less in card games because you can influence the outcome of a round through calculative decision-making. 


Almost every mobile casino keeps a team of educationally qualified and professionally trained experts deployed for customer support. They work round the clock to ensure prompt delivery of simple solutions for complex problems. Mobile casinos always have a wide range of channels to help players reach out and these include SMS, phone, email and live chat. The response time is mostly found to be less than a couple of hours but the option of live chat is able to grant instant access. If a player ever ends up facing any technical glitch, the issue can be resolved with just a tap on the phone. 


The wagering conditions specify how much balance you need to have in your credit account and how many times you must place a bet before you can claim a bonus. Most of the gambling sites are trying to be as lenient with their wagering limits as they can. Mobile casinos are making their terms and conditions flexible so that players can feel comfortable. However, every mobile casino maintains a strict policy for preserving a player’s right to privacy. So, the casinos are maintaining an ideal parity by ensuring comfort without compromising with safety.


Bonuses are how mobile casinos try to incentivize higher engagement. Every mobile casino is ready with a highly lucrative welcome bonus so that new players can join in. A welcome bonus helps the casino make a great first impression but it is only the tip of the iceberg. Bonuses are of various types and the most popular ones are free spins and cashbacks. A free spin is where you can play a round without having to make any deposit. So, you can simply spin the reel for free. Cashbacks, a.k.a., refunds are when a casino reimburses a player for a loss. 


Almost all of the mobile casinos are built on advanced programming languages like HTML and Java. So, you can access them irrespective of which device you use, be it a smartphone, a laptop, a desktop or a tablet. In fact, the mobile casinos are able to accommodate all the major operating systems like Linux, Windows, iOS and Android. They are available in multiple languages and they facilitate transactions in multiple currencies. They even provide a vivid range of payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, online banking and digital wallets. Nowadays, many casinos are also accepting electronic cheques and cryptocurrencies. 


Experts are of the opinion that mobile casinos are even better than brick-and-mortar casinos. Nevertheless, we should not forget that gambling can be a slippery slope. At the end of the day, it is important to remember that gambling addiction is not a laughing matter. That is why most mobile casinos work with an internationally active non-government organisation called BeGambleAware to combat gambling addiction. We must always make sure that it is us controlling the gambling habit and not the other way around. As long as we do not overdo it, we are good to go.