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How To Use CBD Oil: 7 Creative Ideas

How To Use CBD Oil: 7 Creative Ideas

Published by Programme B

Are you growing tired of taking CBD the same way every day? Perhaps you’re not keen on the earthy aftertaste. Getting creative with your CBD routine can be a fun self-care activity and help you get your daily dose of hemp.

CBD comes in various forms, including topical skincare, creams and muscle rubs or ingestible treats, oils and beverages. People tend to take CBD oil orally, so in this article, we’ll review how to mix up your routine to make CBD oil more exciting!

Why Use CBD Oil?

If you’re not familiar with CBD (cannabidiol), it comes from a strain of cannabis called hemp. This plant is naturally low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and high in CBD. THC is commonly known for causing the high associated with marijuana. Unlike THC, CBD is non-euphoric and does not possess intoxicating qualities. 

Cannabidiol entered the wellness market as a daily supplement to support the functioning of the body and mind. Many people use CBD in various capacities to help soothe discomfort, promote better rest, boost concentration and aid relaxation.

Manufacturers make CBD oil by combining CBD extract with a carrier oil such as MCT, hemp seed, or olive oil. Adding oil makes it easier to digest and measure CBD dosage.

How to Take CBD Oil?

Individuals can consume CBD oil sublingually, meaning the oil is held under the tongue. Some people prefer taking CBD in this way as it may increase its bioavailability and decrease the time it takes to work. The industry usually suggests holding it for 30-60 seconds, but the longer it’s held, the quicker it’ll take effect. During this process, the membranes and blood vessels in the mouth absorb the CBD, where the extract enters your bloodstream quicker than other alternatives, like gummies. 

Digestible options like capsules and edibles go through your digestive tract and liver, where some CBD oil may be lost. That said, those with IBS and other gut-related concerns sometimes prefer to take it this way to target those areas specifically or for more long-lasting effects. 

While some users tend to take CBD oil like this, it can become repetitive and perhaps dull. The routine will be great for some, but there are some fun, creative ways to mix up your supplement if you need to!

How to Use CBD Oil in a Creative Way?

Whether you’re bored of taking CBD oil the same way every day or you’re not keen on the earthy aftertaste, try these creative ways to lighten up your CBD routine.

Add a Boost to Your Morning Coffee (or Tea!) 

For many people, their morning beverage is a non-negotiable task in their routine; so, you’re less likely to forget to take your CBD by adding it to your drink!

If you’re a coffee-lover, CBD and coffee make an excellent combination! Coffee already comes with a mirage of selections to spice it up from syrups, sugars, milk alternatives and strengths. Adding a few CBD drops to your cup will blend perfectly with those intense aromas. This is an ideal option for those trying to lessen the hemp aftertaste while still consuming their daily dose of CBD.

Spice Up Your Smoothie!

Smoothies are ideal for any time of the day. With all your favourite healthy ingredients blended into one easy-to-consume drink, it makes sense to add a few drops of CBD too! Once again, adding cannabidiol to this flavourful option is a sure-fire way to light up your tastebuds and get creative.

Mocktails for Your Well-Being

From mocktails to cocktails, CBD can go from day to night. No matter where you are, CBD oil is easy to add to your must-have mocktails to add a healthy twist to your glass. Say goodbye to the nerves and invite relaxation as you sip on these tasty drinks and enjoy your company! Be mindful that some research shows mixing CBD and alcohol may enhance the effects of both. We encourage responsible drinking and suggest adding CBD to alcohol-free drinks and mocktails.

A Secret Ingredient in Your Salad Dressing

It’s not just beverages that can benefit from a few drops of cannabidiol. Hemp oil makes a great addition to various savoury dishes, including CBD salad dressing to compliment your dish! Simply add a couple of drops of your favourite CBD tincture to your mix and drizzle to your heart’s content.

Tasty Baked Goods

If you prefer sweet, warm treats, add CBD oil to your baked goods. Either add it to the batter or include a few drops in a delicious glaze. When cooking with CBD, keep in mind that heat can make the extract less effective. Therefore, incorporating CBD into icing or ganache is more effective in adding CBD to your favourite desserts.

Make Your Own Gummies 

CBD gummies are a favoured hemp treat that many people swear by. They are available in a range of tasty flavours, but you can also make your own! It’s super easy to make gummies by mixing fruit juice, a sweetener like honey, CBD oil, and gelatin (or a vegan alternative!).

These are a great option if you’d prefer to take your CBD on the go in a discreet and tasty way!

Creamy CBD Chocolate

Lastly, for those with a sweet tooth, make your own CBD chocolate and indulge in a creamy snack. Add CBD to a melted chocolate mixture, pour into a silicone mould and set in the fridge or freezer.

We hope these 7 ideas inspired you to try something new so you can mix up your CBD routine. If you’re whipping up some treats for your friends, make sure to disclose that CBD is present. Some people prefer not to try CBD, while some cannot consume it alongside other medications.