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Importance of Time And Dosage of Kratom For Football Players

Importance of Time And Dosage of Kratom For Football Players

Published by Leonardo Calcagno


Football players are extremely tough on their bodies, and they need to be. They have to have the stamina necessary to play a game that lasts over three hours. Suppose players don’t listen to the coach and stop after the prescribed time; they will not play optimally. 

Kratom is a drug gaining popularity over the past few years as its usage has spread across the world. You might be in search of the best Kratom for euphoria and anxiety. Research has shown that it can help reduce pain, fatigue, and concentration during intense physical activity. Its popularity has also increased as many professional athletes use it.  

With its recent rise in popularity, many football players wonder how to use Kratom effectively. This article discusses how a football player can use Kratom for energy to improve performance.


Do Football Players Consume Kratom?


Kratom comes from the kratom tree in southeast Asia. While its effects are primarily stimulant-based, it contains opioid compounds that produce a soothing effect similar to opiates. It helps to increase energy production and promote concentration.

Football players consume Kratom as a stimulant and pain reliever. Kratom helps treat opioid withdrawal symptoms and increase alertness and concentration, sounding like an ergogenic aid. The plant’s leaves are crushed into powder, mixed with water or tea, and consumed to ease anxiety brought on by exercise-induced fatigue and pain. 

Some argue that Kratom can make athletes feel more energetic and help them recover faster from injuries. Athletes who consume Kratom can also get bigger muscles. So, many football players drink Kratom, a legal supplement in the United States. KratomThe most common method of consumption of Kratom is by chewing on its leaves or brewing into tea/coffee, which contains stimulants similar to caffeine. The active ingredient of Kratom is mitragynine, available in the tree Mitragyna speciosa.

What Is The Importance of Time And Dosage For Kratom Consumption?


The effects of the alkaloids found in Kratom keep varying, and it depends on the dosage consumed and the length of time taken.

Dosage is the crucial variable to consider when it comes to Kratom. If you are new to this supplement, start low and increase until you discover the personalized dosage that works best for you. 

Kratom is a psychoactive plant with results similar to opiates, but it has no dependency risk. Kratom’s effects are felt mainly in the body and mind. The effects of Kratom come on more slowly but generally last longer than that of caffeine.  

Kratom has many benefits like stress relief, pain relief, and energizing effects. However, its consumption can also lead to addiction when you keep consuming the same dose and duration for an extended period.

Time And Dosage

The amount of time and dosage for kratom consumption differs. It depends on the tolerance level. The recommended dosage for Kratom is about 1-5 grams of dried Kratom for a single dose. The effects begin in 45 minutes to an hour after taking the drug and last three to six hours.  

Typically, you can take it up to three times per day, but the effects will wear off sooner with each successive dose. Many people start at around 15 grams twice a day and slowly work their way up as they become experienced with consuming this amount each day. 

Kratom is a natural herb, which means its effects are derived from the plant itself and not from any harmful substances. Therefore, if you take it at the wrong time of day or on an irregular schedule, you will receive little to no benefits at all. It is essential to take Kratom promptly to receive the maximum benefit.

Football Players And Kratom Consumption

Football players are usually known for their hard-working nature. Although most of them do not relax, they take Kratom to cope with the excessive stress during training and matches. They often consume Kratom. It is a plant that originates in Asia and has powerful opioid effects. Kratom is not a substance that can cause addiction in most cases, but some people develop a habit of the natural solution. It helps them relax their muscles and reduce the pain to get some rest after a challenging game.  

So, how does the consumption of Kratom help football players? Let’s check it!


  • Acts As An Immunity Booster

The consumption of Kratom helps football players to keep calm during the match. It will also help them tough out intense practice schedules and play for long hours without physical discomfort. Kratom gives them much energy, making it possible to endure all sorts of high-intensity physical activities. Kratom relaxes and calms people while they take it. In addition, Kratom also improves their moods. 

  • Kills The Pain

Football players who suffer from chronic pain cannot take strong painkillers without getting addicted to them. Kratom is a natural painkiller that relieves pain and stress. Unlike prescription drugs, Kratom has no dangerous side effects such as addiction, tolerance buildup, or withdrawal symptoms. Kratom is also widely available online, so it’s easy for those suffering from chronic pain to get relief from their ailments.

  • Improves Sleep

Kratom improves Sleep for tired football players because it allows them to relax and sleep. It has a unique dual effect on the body, and it increases metabolism and induces euphoria, which leads to sleepiness. Most people use Kratom for its pain relief and mood enhancement effects, so it is common to see athletes use it as well. You can use Kratom in various forms, such as tea, soft gels, powders, or extracts.  

  • Maintains Heart Health

Kratom is an herb extracted from a tree that grows in Southeast Asia and can cure several ailments. It’s believed to be one of the best herbs for pain relief globally, and its consumption helps improve heart health. The consumption of Kratom helps maintain the heart health of football players. It is so beneficial to one’s health that studies have shown that it helps improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


Kratom has the potential to be a game-changer for football players. However, with all these benefits and risks, an appropriate dosage of Kratom is critical. With this in mind, football players should start slowly consuming borneo kratom, as some might experience side effects like vomiting, nausea, or even a deficiency in energy levels.

The amount and time when players are taking the Kratom is not the most critical factor in how it affects them, and the timing of when you consume Kratom is crucial to the effectiveness of its effects. So, it would help if you took off this.