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Which Gaming Chair to Use if You’re a Tall Gamer in Canada

Which Gaming Chair to Use if You’re a Tall Gamer in Canada

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The KILLABEE Racer Gaming Chair is a great option for big and tall gamers seeking a low-cost gaming chair. This chair was designed specifically for them. We’ll elaborate on this, don’t worry.

KILLABEE was built by a group of gamers in the fall of 2013. They had one thing in mind when they created it – to build a gaming chair to heal back pain. The KILLABEE Racer Gaming Chair for big and tall gamers is one of their ambitious ergonomic gaming seats.

These are the specs of the KILLABEE Racer Gaming Chair:

  • Suggested user height ranges from 5’8 (1.73m) to 6’2 (1.88m).
  • Load capacity is 400 lbs (181.4kg).
  • Tilt range: 90–155 degrees.
  • 3D armrests.

Characteristics of the KILLABEE Racer Style Gaming Chair:

  • Armrests that may be moved in 3 directions.
  • Swivels of 360 degrees.
  • Backrest that can be adjusted from 90 to 155 degrees.
  • Seat cushion made of memory foam.
  • Lumbar support and a head pillow
  • Mechanism with several functions.
  • Adjust the pressure using a rocking motion.
  • Gray, black, and blue are the available colors.

How to Get It Together?

The assembling instructions are simple to understand. The KILLABEE Racer, like most gaming seats, was quite simple to put together if you followed the accompanying directions. Trust us.

Initial Impressions

It looks and feels exactly like a race car driver’s seat, only taller. Though we’re not big fans of racing stripes on gaming seats, KILLABEE Racer isn’t awful-looking at all. If you’re a girl of, say, 5’1” (1.55m), this chair isn’t for you – it’s designed for a full-figured body and tall gamers so it will be out of reach for some gamers. As a result, we analyzed this gaming chair from the perspective of someone of average to big height.

While testing, the memory foam seat and 3D backrest provided excellent support. There was enough room to recline and alter the height. Smaller persons, however, might swing their feet a little. It also incorporates a tilt lock that’s simple to use. The lumbar cushion, however, was more of an irritation than support for those of short torso. Fortunately, they can be simply removed. KILLABEE has a fantastic rocking feature as well.

The steel frame seems solid enough, but those among us who tested it don’t weigh enough to put it to the test in terms of load-bearing capacity. The chair’s PU leather coating makes a lot of noise with every movement you make. The majority of the ‘plastic’ noise (let’s call it that) was reduced by covering the chair with a throw blanket. Aside from the squeaky leather noise, folks in our office felt really at ease in this chair while working.

Thoughts at the End…

The KILLABEE Racer Gaming Chair holds a lot of promise. It appears to be well-made. However, we believe that a breathable cloth fabric cover would be much better for this chair. The squeaky leather sounds could be eliminated by using a breathable textile fabric. It would also be ideal for players who perspire profusely after long, intensive gaming sessions.

Aside from that, the KILLABEE Racer Gaming Chair is a solid option that might be especially useful for larger players of games that are popular both for playing and betting at the best Canadian betting sites on