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What Are the Most Popular Online Casino Games in Canada?

What Are the Most Popular Online Casino Games in Canada?

Published by Programme B

Canadians are big gamers. In fact, the most recently conducted report by NPD Group for ESAC (the Entertainment Software Association of Canada) found that around 23 million Canadians are gamers – and this number is only growing. The pandemic has meant that online casino games have become bigger and better, with more dynamic design, interactive ‘live’ gaming and the implementation of VR and AR gaming options. 

But what are the most popular online casino games in Canada? You’ll find tried-and-tested fan favorites in this list, so there’s sure to be a new and engaging option for you to sample next time you’re at a loose end online.

The most popular online casino games in Canada


Unsurprisingly, slots consistently rank as number one for the most popular online casino games in Canada. Slots are popular for a variety of reasons. They’re great for novice gamblers who are testing the waters, as they don’t rely on either skill or strategizing – it’s all down to luck. But they’re still appealing for old-hands, too, who can use the RTP – or ‘return to player’ – in order to try and leverage the slots in their favor.

The design of online slots also tends to be a big-hitter, with enough variation to keep players coming back for more. Plus, many slots are also themed to popular TV shows or movies – Wheel of Fortune, Game of Thrones, and DC Comics are at least three which have specific themed games.

Plus, slots also come with serious joining bonuses and free play. As there are so many of them available online, it’s also easy to try your hand at different ones, in order to test out which is your favorite and improve your gaming ability.


A list of popular online casino games in Canada wouldn’t be complete without blackjack. Combining strategy and luck, blackjack is one of the most loved online casino card games out there, and is a favorite with both newbies and experienced players. 

Blackjack can be strategically made as complicated or as simple as the player wants it to be, and there are so many variations that all come with their own rules, which makes the game ever-changing and more dynamic.


Another classic of casino games, online poker is hugely popular amongst Canadian players. Both rookies and pros can enjoy this game, which has so many variants, offering something different with each play.

It’s all about strategy and skill with poker. All of the biggest names in casino software development will have some form of live poker, which are usually played in ‘real time’ and live streamed, giving players the thrill of the game experienced from their own living room.

Roulette, craps, and baccarat

These three games tend to shuffle around on the list of Canada’s most popular online casino games. Craps is a game of dice, baccarat is a complicated card game requiring skill and strategy, and roulette is a game of chance. 

All three casino games are popular for different reasons. Whether it’s ever-improving graphics on virtual roulette wheels, or mastering the deceptively simple game of Baccarat, these games have got something for all Canadian gamblers.

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