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Peatofu | SIAL CANADA 2022

Peatofu | SIAL CANADA 2022

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

In collaboration with canenpak.  The leading supplier of sustainable solutions for the Canadian food and beverage industry
Visit canenpak at SIAL at booth 2854.


The main ingredient of Peatofu products is chickpea flour, a superfood rich in nutrients, protein, and fiber, while being low in fat and carbohydrates, and moreover, free of cholesterol and gluten.

Chickpea flour is an excellent source of magnesium and B vitamins (including folate), also vitamin A, phosphorus, calcium, selenium, and iron. Also, its high fiber content plays an important role in intestinal health. Consuming chickpeas makes you feel fuller, suppresses hunger for a longer period of time and is identified as a helpful weight management tool.

We chat with Hanna and Anastasia Karpenko, Founder and Head of Marketing & Sales.

Can you tell us about your background and your company?

Our company started out of a love for food and a desire to create and try new flavors. Always on the lookout for new plant-based recipes, we come up with Peatofu, a completely natural, plant-based, and versatile product. Rich in protein and soy-free, Peatofu provides an alternative to meat and tofu and could be used in many recipes.

We are running our company as a Mother-Daughter Team. Being originally from Ukraine, we lived in both Eastern and Western Europe, before arriving in Canada in 2006. Being exposed to many food cultures has inspired our creativity and opened our minds and taste buds to new possibilities.

How did your company and industry respond to the covid-19? 

We started our company in the midst of the pandemic, not the best time to start a food business and there were challenges.

However, our business is mainly online which is an advantage.

How has your company and industry changed, because of the pandemic? Any new opportunities? any new way to do business?

Sales channels like farmer markets and food fairs closed up during the pandemic and we had to concentrate on e-commerce as part of our business. With so many services becoming less available or delayed, we learned to rely on ourselves more and trust our skills more, it helped us immensely to grow professionally as business owners. Also, with the pandemic the food industry is changing, more people are now seeking meat alternatives which give us a great position in the market. 

What can we expect from your company at the SIAL? 

We are looking forward to showing off our product at SIAL and spreading the word about Peatofu worldwide. We will have samples prepared in different ways for visitors to try and see how versatile and tasty our product is.