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5 Ways To Keep Your Furniture Safe During Home Renovations

5 Ways To Keep Your Furniture Safe During Home Renovations

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As you renovate your home, there are plenty of things that you should look after. Apart from ensuring that you’ll be achieving your design, you also need to check if all of your furniture will stay safe during the renovation. Unless you’re replacing all of your furniture, you should ensure that every piece in your home is safe to avoid damage and allow you to use it once the renovation is complete.  

Keeping your furniture safe during home renovation can be challenging, especially since there’ll be plenty of things going on around your home. To make certain that they’ll retain their tip-top condition, listed below are some ways to keep them safe:  

  1.     Store Them Inside A Storage Unit

One of the most efficient and guaranteed ways to keep your furniture safe during home renovations is by storing it inside a storage unit. This way, you can truly save them and give them the maximum protection while renovating your home. You can push your worries away as there’s no way that they could be affected by your home renovation.  

As you look for self storage in Calgary, ensure that it can accommodate the number and size of furniture you plan to keep inside. While booking a storage unit might be costly, as you need to pay every month, the protection it provides for your most prized possessions would be worth it. Additionally, you can keep anything you like, as long as they fit comfortably inside. Moreover, check if the facility is free from moisture and rodents as they could harm any piece you keep inside.  

  1.     Use Your Basement Or Garage

As an alternative to paying for self storage in Calgary, you can conveniently store your furniture inside your basement or garage for cost-free furniture protection. This way, you can be more at peace knowing that your furniture is within your parameter, allowing for quick and easy access whenever you need to take it out. This way, you don’t have to pay too much as you can maximize what your home already has.  

As you store your furniture inside your basement or garage, ensure that it has proper ventilation as it can easily trap moisture, which can ruin the quality of your furniture. To ensure safety, you might want to layout some tarp on the floor to protect it from the damp ground and protect the bottom of your furniture. However, if you have a humid basement or garage, you might want to consider investing in a dehumidifier to keep them safe. 

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  1.     Move From One Place To Another

If you don’t have enough space in your home that allows you to keep them inside your basement or garage, or you simply don’t have one, consider manually moving them from one room to another. In this case, you’ll have to renovate your home room by room and empty the entire room once you complete your renovation project. This way, you can save on costs and help protect your furniture. 

Renovating one room at a time might not be your best option, especially if you need to finish the project quickly. But if you’re looking for the cheapest option available, this would be your best solution. However, prepare yourself for some heavy work as you need to carry them throughout the entire room, which requires strength and energy.  

  1.   Ask Help From A Friend

In cases that you don’t have enough space in your home to keep your furniture away from the renovation site and don’t have enough budget to book for a storage unit, you might want to consider asking help from a friend to keep some of your things with them. This way, you can keep everything away from your home and ensure that they’re in safe hands.  

While asking for help from a friend might be effective, it’d be helpful if you could try to distribute your furniture with some of your family and friends, especially if they could only accommodate small furniture. This way, you can keep every piece of furniture away from your home without causing great disturbance to your friend. Just don’t forget to give them something nice for their nice gestures.  

  1.     Cover Furniture

If you really can’t find a place for your furniture, keeping it in the house might be your last option. However, you should be very critical about keeping your things as you need to keep them away from any damage.  

Ideally, you should cover your furniture from top to bottom. You should also move them away from the walls and place everything in the center of the room. This way, you can prevent any paint splashes and keep them away from any possible damage. However, this doesn’t guarantee 100% protection, so set your expectations with this option.  


Keeping your furniture safe during home renovation can be challenging, especially since the safest option can be quite expensive as you maximize your home, ensuring that you can keep them safe and sound all the time. Don’t worry as the added effort would help you prevent yourself from buying a new set of furniture as your old ones would be working perfectly fine.