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Consider These 8 Summer Side Hustles This Year

Consider These 8 Summer Side Hustles This Year

Published by Programme B

Inflation is at an all-time high. If you and your family are among the millions feeling its pinch, you have two options: reduce your spending or increase your income. 

However, making more money doesn’t necessarily need to mean tying yourself to another boss. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, why not strike out independently with a small business? You can set your own hours, work as much or as little as you like and keep every sweet dime of the profits. 

What can you do to bring in extra income to offset soaring costs? Consider these eight summer side hustles this year. 

1. Selling Jewelry


If you’re a crafty mamacita, you might have a room full of creations in need of good homes. Perhaps you thought about opening an Etsy shop but never went through the requisite steps. Why not get started now? The sooner you begin marketing your wares, the more quickly you’ll have customers — and extra money in your pocket instead of crafts gathering dust. 

What if you want to get started but aren’t sure how to express your artistic side? Jewelry making is a creative endeavor that doesn’t require a huge initial investment. All you need are some beads, wires and hooks. As you progress, you may wish to invest in a bead-making kit to design original pieces your clients won’t be able to find anywhere else. 

2. Vending Produce


Is your garden overflowing with more food than your family can use? Why not make some money off those extra cabbages? Summertime means the farmer’s market is open for business, and you can make a pretty penny with your overflow if you have acreage and a surplus. 

Bear in mind that you’ll need to register your business and prepare for health inspections. However, a background in food service will serve you well in that endeavor. Sign up as early as possible to reserve the best spot. 

3. Babysitting 


If you can’t get enough of the little ones, why not spend your summer babysitting? Such services are more in demand than ever during the warm months when kids have off school. Parents want a safe, responsible adult to watch their children and not everyone participates in camps or vacation Bible school. 

You can babysit in your house or your clients’ — depending on your preference and theirs. Check with your homeowner’s association if you plan on running a small daycare from home. Some ordinances may forbid using residential properties for business purposes, but many make exceptions for this type of enterprise. 

4. Automotive Detailing


There are two types of people in this world: those who adore washing their car in the summer sun and those cat-like folk who can’t stand getting wet. If you fall into the former category, why not help the latter half by opening an auto-detailing business? 

You won’t need much to get started other than a desire to work hard and some repurposed household goods. For example, a used (sanitized) toothbrush comes in handy for scrubbing air vents and cleaning around crevices. Add some gentle, professional cleansers for shine and make your customer’s rides look new. 

5. Housecleaning 


Does disorder drive you batty? If so, consider putting your superior tidying and organizational skills to the test as a housecleaner. You can charge $25 to $30 an hour for your services, using your supplies or your clients’ — your preference. 

Here’s another summer side hustle that requires minimal overhead. You can pick up supplies at dollar stores. Advertising comes easy — consider putting up flyers on community bulletin boards with pull tabs for people to take your number, college-style. You can also place ads on local sites like Nextdoor and Craigslist. 

6. Photography 


Do you live with a camera in your hand? If you can’t stop shooting spectacular scenery or your friends’ events, why not start a side hustle in the photography business? 

You can market your products online, selling them to various stock sites for professional purposes. Alternatively, you can hang out a shingle offering your services for baby showers and bat mitzvahs. Either way, you can bring in extra change doing what you love. 

7. Teaching Summer Camp 


You don’t have to have a special degree or certification to teach summer camp, depending on the type and your specialty. For example, many community parks and recreation departments offer various courses to keep kids engaged over the summer. 

Assess your skill set. If you’re a yoga instructor, perhaps you could offer a weekly or even daily class for students off for the summer. Do you love tennis? Check with local facilities to see if they need additional instructors. 

8. Deck Building 


Maybe you love few things more than swinging a hammer. Why not help your neighbors enhance their outdoor living spaces by opening a deck-building business? Although the law varies from state to state, you generally don’t need a contractor’s license to handle small jobs less than $1,000. 

Although materials cost a small fortune, that’s a minor hurdle to overcome. It’s best to have your customers pay for materials upfront to avoid future payment headaches. Many in the industry prefer half the money for their services in advance, receiving the rest when they complete the job satisfactorily. 

Consider These 8 Summer Side Hustles 


Is your family feeling the inflationary pinch? Unless you’re among the privileged few, you’re probably cutting back a bit. 

Instead, why not increase your income by considering one of these eight summer side hustles? You’ll put extra green in your pocket and perhaps begin a lucrative enterprise that someday replaces your full-time income.