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Top 5 reliable online Gun Stores in Canada (2022)

Top 5 reliable online Gun Stores in Canada (2022)

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Buying a gun online in Canada can be a cumbersome task. You want to ensure that the gun you buy is from a reliable source and is of standard quality. 

The fact that you can only see your future gun on a screen can be a problem because you won’t be able to test it. So, if you buy a shotgun, for example, from a bogus seller, you will have some regrets. 

Nevertheless, buying your gun online can be very cost-effective. Prices are very competitive online, and most online gun stores have to make their prices competitive to stay in business. 

Can I Legally Buy a Gun in Canada? 

Yes, of course, you can. It is a straightforward procedure. To own a gun in Canada, you must obtain a PAL (Possession and Acquisition) license. You get this license by taking a Canadian Firearm Safety Course (CFSC). 

After obtaining the certificate, you’ll need to mail it and wait for the approval. If you’re approved, you’ll get it in the mail, and you can go shopping for your gun. 

Below are five gun online stores where you can buy reliable guns online. 

1. Canfirearm 

For top-notch handguns, revolvers, rifles, different types of shotguns (semi-autos, pump action, and double barrel), and gun accessories, Canfirearm is your ideal online gun store.. You can visit their shop either online or the physical shop in Ontario. Online payment is secured and reliable. 

Canfirearm works with the best manufacturers and guarantees the delivery of relevant and reliable products. They offer shipments within Canada and Internationally.

Most shipments arrive within 2-6 business days. Their services are available from 8 am to 8 pm every day.   

What’s more, you can get free shipping for guns over $300. 

2. The Gun Dealer 

The Gun Dealer is a locally owned family-run business, existing since 1997. They are located in the quaint village of Mc Adam, New Brunswic. You can find shotguns & firearms from manufacturers of high repute like Browning, Beretta, Krieghoff, Winchester, Remington, and more. 

If you are planning to visit the Gun Dealer from another part of Canada, they offer free Kreighoff pick-up and return shuttle service for fly-ins from Federicton Airport to their private showroom. Therefore, you can either shop online for guns with them or visit their private showroom cost-effectively.  

3. Proline Shooters Gunshop 

You can get firearms, used firearms, shotguns, and other accessories from Proline Shooters. They guarantee durable and quality products that last for at least ten years. Also, you can take your PAL course on their website. 

They are located in Calgary, Alberta, and you can reach out to them from Monday to Saturday between 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.  

4. G4C Gun store 

Founded by gun enthusiasts, this online gun store provides friendly services. Working with gun enthusiasts guarantees you will get the best recommendations on what gun you need. You will get helpful insights on whether you need a revolver, shotgun, or rifle. 

They are located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. You can get firearms and ammunition from them online and shipped anywhere in Canada. Shipments usually take approximately 2-6 business days (excluding restricted firearms). 


If you are looking for the finest products at discount prices, Canadaammo is the online gun store to visit. Customers are served through efficient mail orders and equally at gun shows across the country. 

You will be spoiled for choice after browsing through their rich catalog of products. Visit this online store and find pistols, shotguns, and rifles at very affordable prices. Orders are shipped across Canada. The standard delivery time is usually five days from the day of shipment. 


Buying a gun online can be cumbersome because you need to buy from a reliable source. For shotguns especially, you need to get the ideal gauge to guarantee high functionality. is the ideal online gun store that will fulfill all your needs. 

Photo by William Choquette x pexels