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Launching your t-shirt brand: tips and tricks

Launching your t-shirt brand: tips and tricks

Published by Programme B

What steps are needed to create your own t-shirt brand and launch your range? What are the secrets of successfully launching a clothing line, and what are the pitfalls to avoid?

Creating your brand of clothing or fashion accessories, whatever the type (luxury, t-shirts, streetwear, etc.), requires a lot of knowledge and preparation. Launching any clothing line involves creativity, marketing, manufacturing techniques, sourcing, logistics and business development. So plenty to think about!

Ready-to-wear (pret a porter) is a vast world segmented into an infinite number of sub-domains, styles and products ranging from simple t-shirts to luxury tailoring. But in any case, creativity and the ability to detect trends, communicate and negotiate are all qualities that the entrepreneur who wishes to create any line of clothing, such as wholesale t-shirts Canada will need to possess.

Follow our tips to maximize your chances of success:

  • Research the target market segment (example: t-shirts or baby clothes)
  • Consider branding – check that your brand name is available and register it
  • Identify suppliers
  • Create the lines in collaboration and with the help of subcontractors; test the creations on a panel of consumers,
  • Develop a financial plan and a detailed business plan; seek funding and mobilize any aid
  • Recruit models and organize a photo shoot with the help of a specialized agency
  • Identify a storage space, sales space, or even a showroom. Choose your location carefully. Sign a commercial lease if necessary
  • Choose an accountant
  • Choose a legal status
  • Develop the commercial tools and the communication plan over one year
  • Create graphic elements and advertising media: POS, brochures, brochures, business cards, website, blog and SEO

Creating a clothing brand: more tips to success

Focus on clear positioning

Brand positioning must be based on a concept that is easy to identify and remember. The brand universe must be consistent and adapted to different languages ​​and cultures. Position yourself in a niche to have a better chance of being recognized.

Plan the extension of the lines in advance

At startup, only a few references will likely be able to be launched, but it is advisable to project yourself into the development of future contacts.

Develop a sound marketing strategy

Developing sales will require a lot of time and energy from you. Develop a clear marketing strategy (showroom, multi-brand retailers, internet, etc.). Plan the development of your sales network at an early stage, even if your products have not yet been launched.


If working in Canada, adopt communication in French and English from the start to be ready for export.

Know what your core business is: production or marketing

Do you want to focus on production (if you make it yourself), conception and design, or even on marketing? Choose your priorities and stick to them.

Stay ahead of trends

You must keep a close eye on fashion and its evolution. You must detect trends as early as possible and be reactive to imagine your new lines. It helps if you are passionate about fashion.

Continuous business development

To develop, a clothing brand must constantly evolve and invest: launching new lines, building a sales force or an export department. Standing still is not an option!

Launching a new t-shirt brand is never easy – the market is crowded and highly competitive, but creating a well-thought-out business plan and following the rest of our tips will help your clothing journey get off to a great start.