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What Is the Best Kingsdown Mattress Canada

What Is the Best Kingsdown Mattress Canada

Published by Leonardo Calcagno

Mattresses are some of the most important things you can buy in your life. You use them so frequently and for such an important purpose that it’s really hard to justify trying to save money on one. Spending a bit extra on them generally pays off due to their long lifespan and the fact that their quality is so well reflected in the quality of your sleep and daily life thereafter. Mattresses are about as important as boots in our opinion as generally if you’re not in one it’s pretty likely that you’re in the other. That’s why today we are going to be discussing what we believe is the best Kingsdown mattress available for sale in Canada.

Generally about Kingsdown mattresses

Kingsdown mattresses have always been marketed as higher quality mattresses for a lower cost. This has been their gameplan from the beginning and it’s what got them quite popular with consumers, because who doesn’t like saving a bit but still getting a high-quality product? We certainly love saving cash and we can pretty safely assume that you do too.

The one downside that they have is that some users report relatively low durability, with issues occurring after only 3-5 years, quite short given the usual 10-15 year lifespan a good mattress should have. While this isn’t a sentiment that has been shown by a majority of customers it’s still present enough that it should be kept in mind.

Kingsdown mattress options


Kingsdown foam mattresses come with multiple layers of different types of foams, including memory and latex. The main benefit of these is the fact that they provide superior cooling due to increased airflow which makes them perfect for hot and sweaty summer days. Being able to easily fall asleep in spite of the heat is something that many can only dream of, and these mattresses provide just that. Another benefit of them is the fact that you can choose between many different support/firmness options and that customizability may be just what you need to get the perfect sleep you’ve deserved but haven’t gotten.

Box mattresses

There are multiple mattresses that you can get which come with their own box. They’re generally far cheaper while still providing excellent quality which makes them a great pick for those who are on a budget. The main issue with them however is the fact that they may feel a bit too firm to some because of the box that they arrive in. It’s also nice that they’re easier to ship so you can get them a little bit faster than the other options which are good if you’re in a hurry to get a good sleep before an important event of some kind.


Hybrid mattresses from Kingsdown feature 2 types of high-quality support, both in the form of springs and also in the form of memory foam. This mix of soft and firm feeling is something that may feel weird initially but ends up growing on you and it’s hard to let go of afterward. Of course, this is difficult to explain simply with words, but if you ever get an opportunity to try one out then we highly recommend it as it’s a wonderful experience.

Smart Air

Smart air mattresses are quite a new option and are very different compared to all the others we’ve listed. Smart air mattresses come connected to a sleeping app meant to optimize your sleep and give you the best rest of your life. It is a very cool concept but if you find that you dislike smart technology items in your house then you’ll likely flush the idea of owning this, but if you enjoy smart home features then this bed is worth a shot and we believe that even if it doesn’t end up being your cup of tea you will still have fun with it while it lasts.


Kingsdown provides a vast array of different mattress options meaning that no matter what you’re looking for you’ll be able to find something that suits your taste and which will be able to give you a better sleep than you’ve ever had before. We hope you’ll be able to find your dream mattress and enter the world of true comfort and luxury.

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