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Betiton—The New Mega Brand that Uses AI

Betiton—The New Mega Brand that Uses AI

Published by Programme B

All over the world, tech leaders are creating projects under the banner “AI for Good” to solve crime, poverty, hunger and diseases. It’s a global initiative spearheaded by the UN, countries like France and Silicon Valley brands like Facebook and Google.

Of course, AI for good isn’t just about solving world problems. In the online space, gaming companies, more so iGaming websites, are using AI to run nearly all departments.

 Betiton, a Malta-based gaming brand, is on the front line of solving players’ pain points using Artificial Intelligence. Below is how it’s doing it.

An AI-Driven Search Engine

If you are like many online shoppers, you find search engines on many websites unhelpful. You might have tried to look for a specific item or service. But every time you use the site’s search function, it returns zero results.

 This is a common problem in the casino world, but Betiton is handling it heads on using AI. When you visit the site’s games lobby, every search returns the precise results you were after. 

What’s more, Betiton’s AI engine ensures you get a list of related games so that you decide whether you would also want to play them. Let’s say you want to play classic blackjack. 

To improve your experience, Betiton shows you not only the standard blackjack game but all other variations available. That way, you don’t have to settle for Classic 21 if you are open to playing different variations of it. 

A Tailored Experience

One of AI’s best benefits is that it makes personalization easy. To tap on this, Betiton has made almost all services on its platform tailored to enhance players’ experiences. This applies in language use, payments, games, bonuses and even their customer support experience.

Personalization commences when you first visit Betiton. Their AI immediately detects your preferred language and lets you access their services using that language. For clarity, the algorithm supports German, French, Spanish, Norwegian, English and a few more languages.

In addition to detecting your language, the AI also determines which device you are using. So, if you have an iPad, it will resize the Betiton website to fit on your handheld device accordingly.

Up next for Betiton’s AI algorithm is figuring out what payments you prefer to use. It saves these banking options so that each time you decide to top up your account, you do it fast and efficiently. 

Improving Game Choices

In addition to helping you search games more efficiently, Betiton also keeps track of your choices. When you logout and come back to play slots or table games again, the AI remembers your last played game, and it shows it to you.

That way, you don’t even have to use the search feature to find games you’ve played in the past. AI brings them to you. Better yet, the company’s algorithms are ever learning from players.

If you switch from playing slots and make it a habit to use Betiton for sports betting, the AI algorithm will do the same. It will show you fewer slot machines and more games to wager on. 

Personalizing Bonuses

The tracking features of Betiton’s AI algorithms come in handy when you want a bonus from the company. For starters, all new customers qualify for the same 100% up to €150 deposit offer.

However, the company has more bonuses personalized based on a player’s spending and playing habits. If you bet on sports, for example, the company’s engine won’t recommend free spins to you.

Instead, it will regularly show you Betiton’s sports betting rewards. For example, it can recommend the cash-out offer designed to help you withdraw some of your money before a game is over.

Or it can recommend the “Boostiton Offer.” This reward helps sports bettors on Betiton to increase their potential wins with up to 77%.  It works when you place Accumulator bets of 4-15 games. 

Sports betting rewards aside, Betiton has a VIP program through which high rollers can earn exclusive treats. Precisely, they get a personal manager, huge bonuses, frequently free spins and quicker than usual withdrawal speeds.

A Reliable Chatbot

When it comes to customer service, Betiton understands that AI alone can’t satisfy players’ fully. As a result, it deploys human support agents to answer questions and provide meaningful help through its chatbot.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t use AI to enhance customer service. Quite the contrary, AI plays a role in improving players’ support experiences on the platform. For example, the chatbot collects crucial data Betiton can refer to when they need to serve the same customer in the future.

What’s more, data collected through AI chatbot can also help improve the overall customer support department. Fortunately, Betiton has built the chatbot to be exceedingly user friendly.

It doesn’t even ask for login details. If you have a question, all you need it to ask. The company’s trained support members will reply immediately or within ten minutes.   

For Marketing Reasons

Betiton is on a mission to becoming a global iGaming brand. And one of its partners in achieving this mission is its AI programs. Ideally, what the Malta-based company does is to track trends of what games, bonuses and services casino players like.

In turn, it implements these suggestions and markets its brand as a company that offers what players are after. Betiton has been doing this for months, and it has successfully risen into a force to reckon with.

Of course, what’s helping Betiton grow as a brand is not that it’s using AI for marketing. However, it’s using AI to improve players’ experiences, essentially giving them reasons to try its offers. 

To Conclude

Malta-based Betiton is one of the many brands using AI for good reasons. It joins the likes of Huawei, Google and Facebook, which are using the innovation to solve all sorts of world problems.

Of course, Betiton specializing in iGaming. And due to that, its AI algorithms are geared towards enhancing your experience while you bet on sports or play slots and table games. 

Photo by Sharad kachhi from Pexels