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Gambling is taking significant steps in Canada. More offline and online casinos are opening up. This gives players more gambling options. However, most of them do not know much about these casinos. You cannot always rely on the information these online casinos provide you. No one will actually criticize their services and terms of services to a fault. Like every good marketer or promoter, they will emphasize the upsides and downplay the downsides.

This is why, as a Canadian player, you need an unbiased third party like Casimoose. A casino comparison website that is rapidly becoming the talk of the town. We will be discussing all that you need to know about it during the course of this article.

Transparent and Honest Online Casino Reviews by an Expert Team

Casimoose is a website that gives Canadian players detailed and accurate information about online casinos in Canada.  There may be many other websites out there that provide similar information. However, none come close to its notoriety. Indeed, Casimoose is an unbiased judge of the various Canadian online casinos. One thing that makes it stand out is its transparency when rating or ranking these online casinos. Their criteria are stated and they are not shady. They outline the various criteria they use for ranking these websites and show you how these casinos fare against one another.

Talking about the criteria, they did not just guess these criteria. They were generated by a team of casino experts. These experts are individuals with loads of experience under their sleeves. They know the in and out of gambling. For example, they can easily demonstrate the reason why a higher RTP is better than a higher welcome bonus (or any other bonus). It’s safe to say that these experts have a better knowledge of casinos. They know the criteria that are more important than others. They also know what is realistic to expect from casinos.

Some casinos use ridiculous offers like excessively high welcome bonuses to lure unsuspecting gamblers so that they can exploit them. Many gamblers, especially the new ones may be swayed by offers that are too good to be true. Most times, these offers are actually not good. These experts understand that certain offers and ridiculous and do not expect casinos to give them. That is why it was earlier said that Casimoose carefully analyzes all the different criteria. The rankings are done according to how well these casinos fare against each other.

Casino Bonuses Reviews

So far, we have been talking about the criteria with which Casimoose uses in ratings or ranking online casinos. One such criterion is the bonuses online casinos provide their members and players. Some of these bonuses are straightforward while others, such as Playojo kicker code, have certain conditions

Most online casinos will tell people that they offer a mouthwatering welcome bonus. However, they will not tell you the need to credit your wallet within hours or days of your registration. Casinos always tell you that “you can get bonuses of up to one thousand Canadian dollars.” However, what they are doing is doubling your first deposit.

Casimoose helps players by carefully checking out the terms and conditions while they give accurate and detailed information about the various bonuses of the different online casinos in Canada.

Online Casino Games Reviews

After all the bonuses and freebies, it still balls down to the games offered. Indeed, the bonuses are bound to be spent on them. This is why Casimoose prioritizes the games these casinos have to offer. When it comes to casino games, it involves both types of games and the number of games these online casinos have to offer.

The types of games are important. The available games should be games that meet certain criteria. One such criterion is a game with a high return to player percentage. Although the RTP percentage does not determine when players will win, it ensures that the casino does not exploit its players or members.

The number of games should also not be neglected. It is necessary to incorporate as many fair games as possible. Although most games are down to luck, certain people have an affiliation with certain games. Someone who loves Opera or Dogs themed games will pick them over a Rich Wilde themed game.

Casino Software Developers Reviews

Think of the casino as the house and the software as its foundation. A house is only as good as its foundation. That being said, a house with a terrible foundation cannot stand. Casimoose understands the importance of good software. This is why we consider the type of software a casino uses.

When ranking casinos, we consider the software they use in operating the various aspects of their casino. After that, we now examine what people are saying about that website. To rate these casinos, our experts use what we call the cross-matching.

Banking Methods

After playing at an online casino and winning, what is next? Cash-out on your winnings! You will only be able to catch out if the casino has the proper banking method. You should know that a good online casino should have multiple payment gateways that suit the location of their players. Indeed, in every casino, the payment methods do not only affect withdrawals but also determine the means of deposits.

We rank highly casinos that employ the use of payment gateways that enable easy and swift payments. In addition, a good casino should also ensure fast payouts. Payment gateways like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller are some payment gateways that affect payment within twenty-four hours.

Other payment options include wire transfer, MasterCard, and Visa. Unlike other digital platforms, these payment gateways take longer. However, they are more suited to local players.

Play Free Casino Games

When it comes to Casimoose, we have a number of rankings. Not all our ratings are down to paid or deposit casinos. We also rank free casinos that you can earn money and have fun with. Casimoose provides you with information about those free casinos where you can play, practice, and have fun. They are not monetary, they are purely for fun.

There are also no deposit casinos. They are considered as a type of free casino. However, no deposit casinos give you the opportunity (free spins) to win real money. In other words, you can withdraw the money you win from no deposit casinos. Information on no deposit casinos is available on casinos. We give you the lowdown on the no deposit casinos in Canada. We also give you information on the kind of opportunity they offer (free spins and all).

Are Online Casinos Legal in Canada?

“Information is power,” so they say. This is actually true as you will be walking in darkness if you do not have adequate information on a subject. So far, we have been discussing online casinos in Canada. One question you should ask is “are online casinos legal in Canada”?

Actually, this should have been the first point of discussion. Seems we decided to save the best for last. Your source of information is very important. It determines the authenticity of your information. Our experts at Casimoose get their information from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and e-Cogra. As for casinos in general, the law is very straightforward. Only casinos owned or licensed by the state or provincial government is permitted to operate.

Regarding online casinos, there are lots of gray areas. According to the law, it is illegal for companies to operate online casinos in Canada. The restriction of online casinos is quite surprising, considering the fact that almost every other form of gambling is legal in Canada. However, there are some loopholes that can be exploited. Although it is illegal to gamble online, the law cannot prosecute you if you are playing in an online casino of an offshore account.

The law also states that access to gambling avenues and online casinos should be restricted against individuals. People with gambling addiction and individuals below 21 years of age are restricted from gambling. The impact of the law also reflects the banking methods of online casinos. You may have problems using your VISA credit or debit card. Digital wallets are your best bet.

You can always visit the website of the Kahnawake Gambling Commission for more information.

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