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Healthy Food Habits for Our Kids: Where Do We Begin?

Healthy Food Habits for Our Kids: Where Do We Begin?

Published by Programme B

Food is the most significant source of nutrients that one needs to thrive. That is why it is vital to consume different meals to supply the organism with all the required vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, many children refuse to eat fruit or vegetables because of bad eating habits. How to develop them? When is it time to start so as not to miss that turning point?

Develop Healthy Eating Habits Since First Days

Breastfeeding mothers almost don’t care about baby food until the kids are six months old. They just try to avoid products that make their kids gassy such as cabbage, carbonated drinks, pastry, several sweets, and fruit. Mommies who cannot lactate trouble their heads with the right formula selection. That is the first step to healthy food habits. According to nutritionists, organic baby food is the best choice due to the following reasons:

  • it lacks sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • it has no stabilizers and preservatives
  • one will not find GMOs and health-risky ingredients there 
  • it has only natural components 
  • it has vitamins and minerals required for healthy baby growth
  • some formulas are rich in prebiotics and probiotics, which help in digestion

So, if a baby gets used to food without sweeteners and flavors, it will not crave sugary and salty snacks as a toddler or a teen.

Stay Hydrated

Every person needs clean water. Juices and soda contain too much sugar and fructose, affecting human health, says this expert dentist in Henderson NV. Parents should teach children to drink clean water from the first lure. When kids eat organic baby formula, they might be thirsty in hot weather. One should not offer juices or soda because it will develop the wrong drinking habit. Filtered or bottled water is the best beverage for all living beings. Filtered or bottled water is the best beverage for all living beings. Do you water flowers with tea? No. A cup of water a day is better than 3 cups of any other drink.


Food is not a Punishment or Reward

The worst option is to force children to eat something. When you do something against your will, you will surely be reluctant to eat it without force. That is why adding different products to your daily menu is essential. Besides, a family should have some “harmful traditions” so as not to limit your kid’s world. For example, you can eat pizza on Saturday evening or go out for unhealthy snacks on Sunday and eat them in a movie. 

Another thing is not to present chocolates or candies when kids behave well. Such rewards will be associated with something healthier and better than average apples and bananas. If you think of food rewards, you should make them healthy, like energy bars, homemade dry-fruit candies, costly fruit, or caramelized berries.

Make Your Meals Balanced

Some parents give up too early when introducing adult food to their children. When providing BLW, they should stimulate their kids’ interest in healthy food. One should curve funny creatures or combine fruit and vegetables of different colors. Moreover, kids should get water at their fingertips. 

Toddlers should have balanced portions, which means vegetables and meat or fish. It should not be the same every day just because “Yesterday my baby enjoyed baked potato with broccoli, so it should be his daily meal.” Parents should experiment with nutritious ingredients to help the child find all healthy products tasty.

For example, one can cover bananas with cocoa powder, add spices to ham, blend onions in dishes if a kid doesn’t like big slices, or pour little honey on roasted nuts for dessert. It is also a good idea to replace sugar with honey, maple syrup, or sweet fruit when serving cereals or cottage cheese. 

Portions Should Be Appropriate

Finally, pay attention to how much your kid eats. Do not compare your portions because babies have to eat less than adults. Organic baby food is measured with specific cups or spoons to avoid overeating. It is significant not to distract a kid during meals. Scientists have proved that people eat more while watching TV or scrolling on social media. Moreover, children shouldn’t have many bites between meals, and snacks must be small and useful. It can be:

  • a fruit,
  • a couple of organic biscuits, 
  • a yogurt, 
  • a milkshake,
  • an energy bar, 
  • smoothie, etc.

Parents should also be innovative when preparing school snacks. They must be nourishing, healthy, and not perishable.  

Family Healthy Eating

Parents are the best examples to follow. Children who see vegetables and boiled or grilled fish or meat on their parents’ plates will consider it traditional or typical food. Candies, soda drinks, chips, or other unhealthy things should not be hidden somewhere. One should buy a couple of sweets and put them together with other meals on a table. A kid will know that this food is not forbidden, so they won’t search for it outside their house and eat it secretly.