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What is a superfan?

What is a superfan?

Published by Programme B

A superfan is someone who is a dedicated follower of a music artist (or any other type of celebrity or individual in the public eye).

Let’s say you’re a fan of Nicki Minaj’s music. You listen to her albums occasionally, and you’ll watch her live performances when she is on TV. If she performs in your area, you will try to get tickets. You’re a fan. 

A superfan would follow Nicki Minaj around the world, attending all of her live performances. They spend hours every day checking Nicki’s latest news. They will continually try to contact and meet Nicki. They will stand for hours at her show so that they can be in the front row. They will have several social media accounts dedicated to her. 

So, let’s take a look at what it means to be a superfan:

Being a superfan costs a lot of money

Being a superfan is not easy. You need to be dedicated and committed to the music act you are following. 

To give you some perspective, we recently conducted extensive research into the cost of being a superfan. 

Here’s an extract from the report:

“Singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran tops the table as the most expensive pop icon to be a superfan of, with his loyal following estimated to spend an eye-watering £9,191.92 on all things ‘Ed Sheeran’.

“The ‘Shape Of You’ singer’s resale ticket prices go for a minimum of £78.85, and those wanting to enjoy the musical genius of Ed in the comfort of their own home can purchase his most recent album ‘Equals’ for £7.99. Fans looking to purchase anything from tour t-shirts to tote bags can expect to pay around £29.04 for a piece of standard merchandise.”

Superfans have unwavering and unconditional love for the artist they follow

Let’s be honest; music stars and celebrities are not the easiest people to show love and appreciation for at times!

They can say controversial things. They can spend lavishly when the rest of the world is struggling to pay their bills. And they can be a bit out of touch with the rest of society. 

None of that matters, though. When you support a star as a superfan, you always support them. Through thick and thin, your support knows no bounds. This is what it means to be a true superstar.

Your love for the artist always comes first!

We have seen superfans miss friends’ weddings because they are going around the world, following the star they love so much. Some people even name their babies after their favourite stars. Yes, the love really does go that deep. 

Being a superfan is a passion, a lifetime commitment, and can often feel like a full-time job. However, rather than getting paid for this, you will have to shell out a lot of money following your favourite star. It sounds exhausting, but any superfan will tell you that they love it.