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Canada’s top 5 gift basket ideas

Canada’s top 5 gift basket ideas

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Are you looking for a gift that is sure to impress your loved one who resides in Canada? Look no further than the gift basket that can be easily delivered by a Canada based gift basket company like Onlinegifts.CA . These much-maligned collections have undergone a serious makeover and are now chic, stylish, and filled with high-quality items. Whether you are looking for a gift basket filled with gourmet food, or a unique collection of items, there is sure to be a gift basket that will suit your needs.

Gift baskets are fantastic gift options because they can be customized to fit any budget! You can fill them with festive Christmas treats, cozy winter wear, or anything else you know your loved one would appreciate. 

Here are the top five gift basket ideas for Canadians. 

#1: Holiday Gift Basket

December is considered the busiest time of year in Canada when it comes to sending gift basket deliveries in Canada. The Christmas gift basket(  is among the most popular gift baskets of the year; however, you’ll also find people sending them for other holidays like Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Diwali, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, etc. 

The holiday gift basket consists of a branded blanket, self-care products, mugs, chocolates, Christmas socks, coffee beans and a large batch of sweet snacks.

#2: Classic Fruit and nuts basket 

Classic fruit baskets are also very popular in Canada. They are usually given as sympathy or thank-you gifts and typically sent to people to show support which matches the nature of gifting fruits as well. They are also used as congratulatory gifts on occasions like job promotions, baby showers and housewarming parties. 

Yes, there’s no match for everyone’s favorite chocolate gift basket when it comes to gift basket options, but a fruit and nut basket is a more healthy option. 

This healthy nut selection contains seven compartments of different flavors, including jumbo cashews, raw walnuts, rich pistachios, and honey pecans. Your friends and family will love diving into this delicious and nutritious snack!

#3: Wine Gift Basket 

To many Canadians, consuming alcohol is a daily occurrence. They often enjoy holding a wine glass while relaxing or celebrating special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, retirement, baby showers, and Christmas. Drinking wine has become a cultural norm in Canadian society and is often seen as a way to show appreciation or give congratulations.

That’s why a wine gift basket is very popular in Canada, and you can find a huge variety of wine baskets in gift basket stores. You can pair it up with gourmet chocolates or other sweat and salty tracks presented in a beautifully designed gift basket. If you want to create a celebratory vibe, you can also choose a Champagne gift basket from a Canadian gift basket store like gifts and baskets

#4: Meat and Cheese Gift Basket 

Canadians love to have meat in the winter holidays. For the majority of people, meat is the party of the typical Christmas meal, including potatoes, veggies, cranberries and desserts. That makes the meat and cheese basket a perfect gift for a friend or family that loves meat. 

These baskets usually consist of different kinds of delicious meats, cheeses, crackers and a bunch of sauces and condiments along them. 

Meat and cheese baskets are common in Canada; you can easily find them in online gift basket stores and send them to your loved ones in Canada directly. 

#5: Spa Gift Basket 

Last but not least, the spa gift basket is not far behind Canada’s most popular gift basket. People love receiving these relaxing gift baskets regardless of any occasion. Showing care and wanting comfort for your loved one are not limited to any occasion. 

Many online gift basket stores in Canada offer a variety of spa gift baskets with different brands of spa-inspired products. You can get a Lavender spa basket, green tea spa basket, Lily spa and several other refreshing spa gift baskets to send to your loved ones in Canada.