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How secure are online casinos today?

How secure are online casinos today?

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Cybersecurity is a hot topic for most business owners today, and it is constantly evolving. Since the internet’s first technological breakthrough, there have been major developments where more or less every person and business is online and, through it, can create their own website with a simple click of a button.


With this fast pace in technology, cybercriminals are also having their breakthroughs, unfortunately. Businesses such as the online casino industry, which has millions of users globally, are today taking steps to prevent security breaches by implementing the best practices necessary.

As with any other business, the casino industry experiences threats frequently, which can make both owners and players weary. In this article, we dive into what steps online casinos in Canada are taking to ensure everyone has a safe experience.


One of the most important aspects of identifying a good online casino in Canada is to check its license and the location where it’s held. A casino license is basically a stamp of approval issued by the authoritative body within that country. 

For a business to acquire a casino license, it must demonstrate that they have the financial backing to operate a casino and must pass a background check to show they comply with all necessary laws and regulations. The most common licenses in Canada are from MGA, UKGC, and Curacao, while Ontario has its own licensing system through AGCO. However, some casinos operate illegally, putting customers at risk, so it’s best to look for the above licenses when looking for legitimate online casinos in Canada.

Encrypted sites

Another step that Canadian casinos must take is having an encrypted site. The easiest method to check that the site is encrypted is to check in the browser if the URL starts with HTTPS or HTTP. When a casino site has HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), or in short, SSL, it tells us the website is using one of the most effective encryption protocols.


As casinos have a license, they follow protocols for player safety. One of these measurements is that they have a substantial KYC form. Online casinos must ensure they verify the user’s identity before they are able to play and, moreover, have the funds to be able to play.

How can I be more secure in an online environment?

As technology advances, so do the security measures for browsing and playing casino games online. The team behind Casivo has made some tips below for everyone to be able to have a safe and fun experience while playing:

  • Strong and unique passwords. 

Probably everyone has stumbled upon tedious registration phases while registering for a service and been reminded to use a strong password. This is still one of the most important steps the user can take on their own. Easy-to-guess passwords such as names and dates are to be avoided. Use special characters, a random selection of letters and numbers.

  • Keep your software and systems up to date.

Regular updates on both the device and the software itself are recommended. Usually, these updates are taken care of automatically, but you can always check, either by PC or smartphone, if you have the latest update to the system.

  • Use legit sites and beware of fraud.

As you are aware, using legitimate sites that have a casino license and adhere to security measures both on and off site is an important step to take before playing.


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