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Why Thrift Shops Should Partner with Laundry Services

Why Thrift Shops Should Partner with Laundry Services

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Managing a thrift shop can be overwhelming. You have to rummage through piles of clothes and ensure that they are all clean. You do not want your customers to bring home soiled and funky-smelling garments, right?

It is overwhelming to manage a thrift store if you have to launder hundreds or thousands of garments and linens in a month. You have to set a schedule to sort the garments and linens you plan to sell, know the right ways on how to wash them, and find the best detergent to use.

What’s more daunting is you have to load these piles of garments and linens to a washer and dryer. This takes a lot of time and puts on a lot of stress on you. If doing laundry is not for you, you can contact a laundry service and Williamsburg dry cleaning to help you.

If you plan to expand your thrift shop, partnering with a laundry service business is more likely the best to do. 

Why Partner with a Laundry Service?

Several thrift shop owners have realized that partnering with a laundry service plays a crucial role in the growth of their business. Here are a few reasons why you should partner with a laundry service provider:

Cost-Efficient Option

You probably have thought of hiring an in-house laundry service team to manage in washing and drying your second hand garments and linens; thinking you can save on hiring. However, this costs more than hiring a laundry service. Besides worrying about paying wages, you have to pay additional utility costs.

Meanwhile, partnering with a laundry service provider gives a flat rate for washing, drying, and dry cleaning. You do not have to pay for extra costs.


You want convenience while managing your products. Gone are the time-consuming days of bringing your laundry to the laundromat. Laundry providers offer laundry pickup and delivery. You only have to book an appointment and wait for your garments and linens to be picked up and delivered back. This gives you more time to focus on more important things in your business.

Professional Touch

You are selling second hand garments and linens. It is best to have them taken care of by professionals. Those second hand garments and linens that are washed by a professional are more likely to sell than those laundered by in-house staff. 

Professionals from laundry services know what needs to be done to give your items a fresh look that entices customers to buy.

Final Takeaway

Laundry is a difficult chore, whether at home or business, it is a task that consumes your time. This takes a lot of time, and there is never a guarantee that your items will get cleaned thoroughly. If you are managing a thrift shop, do not allow laundry to take away your time. Delegate the task to a laundry service provider and focus on the areas that need your attention.

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