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4 Unique Things to Do in Alberta

4 Unique Things to Do in Alberta

Published by Programme B

Alberta is a popular province in Canada that has everything to offer. There are ample things to do during the hot summers and cooler winters, so it’s a place that everybody should visit at some point in their lives. 

No matter what your passions and interests are, you won’t struggle to fill your days with fun and exciting activities when visiting Alberta. From historical museums to provincial parks to Alberta mule deer hunts, you can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine as you make memories with your loved ones.

Here are four unique activities to try in the stunning province of Alberta, Canada.

Visit the Badlands

You can’t visit Alberta without checking out the Badlands. Located in Drumheller and extending to the Saskatchewan border, the Badlands are home to the largest collection of dinosaur bones in the world.

Alberta’s Badlands comprise hoodoos, which are tall rock formations, and a large span of forests and wetlands. You can witness breathtaking sights and take as many photos as you like to show your loved ones at home.

Go Mule and Deer Hunting

You’ll love mule and deer hunting in Alberta if you enjoy hunting with a rifle and challenging your coordination, accuracy, and manual dexterity. 

You can learn about the best hunting techniques and perfect your skills as you embark on your hunting journey along the river valleys. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced hunter, you can work alongside experts to ensure you get the most out of your time in Alberta.

Experience the Icefields Parkway

Consider driving along the Icefields Parkway, which extends from Jasper to Banff National Parks. It’s a great way to see the many sights that Alberta has to offer without tiring yourself out or exposing yourself to poor weather conditions.

You can enjoy a relaxing ride in your car while admiring the majestic views of the mountains, glaciers, and lakes in Alberta. If you want to learn some interesting facts about these natural landmarks, consider booking yourself places on the Athabasca Glacier or Columbia Icefield tours.


Visit Provincial Parks

Alberta has a wide range of national and provincial parks, including the Dinosaur Provincial Park, the Midland Provincial Park, and the Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park.

The former is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and resides east of Calgary. Here, you can view incredible dinosaur fossils and take a step back in history.

The Midland Provincial Park is located in Drumheller, right in the centre of the Alberta Badlands. When visiting this park, you can visit the world-famous Royal Tyrrell Museum and enjoy guided tours around the Badlands.

The Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park enables you to discover ancient rock art and admire stunning hoodoos. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, just like the Dinosaur Provincial Park. You’ll be able to join guided tours to learn more about the indigenous history of the site and how it has shaped today’s landscape and culture.

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